7 days of Zenith

7 days of Zenith
It's crazy to see how large the community has grown!
Not only has the community grown really big but we are approved and greenlit for development on SteamVR, PS VR, as well as Oculus Quest/Rift.

To kick off our 7 days of Zenith we revealed a brand new trailer which shows some new game content that you may not have seen before, and a glimpse of the story behind The Fracture:

Here it is: 
“Are we doomed to a worse fate than our ancestors?
I remember learning about the corruption from long ago… A darkness that enveloped the land and created the fracture.
We believed that our world had fallen.. But we rose above it. 
Our champions stepped forward to save us from ruin! Their courage made us whole again. 
We live in an era of peace… but it is coming to an end...
The corruption is back… and it is even stronger than before...
This time… we are far outnumbered...
Will YOU break us free from this fate?”
7 days of reveals
To celebrate our game Alpha release we also opened 7 days of reveals including rewards for pre-ordering, and in-game content!
Let's walk through a summary of those reveals. 
Day 1
We revealed a fly-through of a radiant coastal zone (the biome is actually called The Radiant Coast)
Day 2
We revealed gliding in it's glory and showed you what it might be like to glide through the woods. When travelling in the mountains you can drop by fireplaces and scare strangers (or make friends :P). 
Day 3
We revealed some Armor you can get while leveling up! 🛡️
Essence Mage - Regal armor : "Crafted by the Zenithean Council's tailors and woven with essence infused lace" 
Blade Master - Dreadlord's armor : "The essence in this armor glows with the infused blood of fallen combatants"
Day 4
It was a weekend so we showed you what it might be like to relax under a cherry blossom tree in Zenith on your weekends.🌸
Sitting by the cherry blossom tree
'You have had a long day slaying boars and you just want to lay down and fall asleep under a tree.'
Day 5
We gave you Tiers of joy as we are opened up a chest in the Radiant Coast which had some hints as to what stuff you might do or find around Zenith.
Day 6
We revealed our new minimap navigation system which you can use to find quest givers, various quest objectives and other cool secret things 💎🧭
Remember, you can preorder Zenith and get access to the Early Alpha And Beta which happens in April.
Day 7
We decided to stream 30 minutes of live, uninterrupted gameplay !!
In this footage we traverse the world of Zenith, exploring the questing system and trying to complete some quests. We give a glimpse of some fly-over footage of the first zone and combat. 

To round off the end of the 7 days, we opened up for preorders. If you haven't bought the game already and want to get into Alpha 1 + Beta 1 as well as have a copy of the game ready for the full release (plus an exclusive Dingbo pet), you can order that here.

Thanks for reading and see you in Zenith!