Elevating Immersion in Zenith on Meta Quest 3

Elevating Immersion in Zenith on Meta Quest 3
We're thrilled to bring Zenith to the Meta Quest 3 on October 10, 2023! Revel in boosted graphics, added detail and visual effects that bring the world of Zenith to life more than ever before on a standalone device.
So what enhancements can we expect for Quest 3?

Enhanced Textures: A Unified Visual Experience

With the Quest 3’s extra memory, we improved our texture fidelity to standardize it across all of our platforms. Whether you're playing on the Quest 3 or another device, you'll see the same high-quality, full resolution texture.

Meta Quest Super Resolution (MQSR): Crispier Visuals, Zero Performance Impact

We introduced Meta Quest Super Resolution (MQSR), which made our game's look incredibly sharp. Everything from the menus to the enemies and the world itself looks much crisper. The best part about it is that it had no noticeable impact on performance.

Shading improvements

Before the Quest 3, we had to simplify our shaders to the bare minimum in order to render the world on the Quest 2’s high resolution panel. But with the Quest 3's powerful GPU, we could use modern techniques like PBR to make all surfaces look fantastic. Whether it's shiny floors in dungeons or realistic lighting on buildings, it all looks great now.

Dense Grass: Balancing Beauty and Performance

Leveraging the Quest 3's GPU power, we've achieved a level of grass density that matches our other platforms. In the past, we dedicated most of our GPU resources to rendering the environment and left enough headroom to prevent framerate drops in combat, leaving little room for grass computation.

Extra geometry and render distance

Open-world games like Zenith often come with geometry rendering compromises, this is even more true in VR. On the Quest 2, we had to disable extra models like rocks and interior decorations to maintain frame rates. But the Quest 3 let us re-enable all the extra geometry and also doubled the distance at which we render models.

A More Vibrant World

To make our game world feel more alive, we added little things like falling leaves, splashing waterfalls, and sunlight streaming through the trees. 
As developers at the forefront of massive multiplayer VR experience, we can't wait for everyone to enjoy a more immersive experience on standalone! See it for yourself, join us in an epic adventure: https://play.zenithmmo.com/