First minor patch update :)

First minor patch update :)

Hi everybody, we've got a new patch for you!

This patch should greatly enhance stability and performance, as well as introduce new content for you to enjoy.

Oculus Rift: v20902
Oculus Quest: 0.1.20902
SteamVR: v20902
PSVR: v20902

EDIT: Shortly after 20871 we released hotfix 20902, so the version numbers have been updated to reflect this.Ā 

The fixes included the following:

  • Fixed Arboruht Worldboss Telegraph, so you now know exactly where conal AOEs will fall
  • Invasion events were previously broken during the second phase, these have been fixed ā€“ in addition, invasion events will spawn every 15 minutes instead of every 40, so get ready to get those materials!
  • Fixed an issue for some, where picking up an item would cause a lag spike
  • Enemies can no longer be pulled all the way to the entrance, causing griefing to be much harder.
  • Player level scaling per zone fixed so that higher level players will be 2 levels more powerful, instead of at the same level of the zone.
  • Fixed an issue where a lone pirate would spawn in the mines


Playable Content

  • New endgame content: Overworld Dungeons, Invasions, and tuned Arboruht world boss
  • Introduced 2 new forms of currency that drop from Invasion events and the world boss. Complete both to get the highest level gear in the game!
  • 23 new side quests
  • 4 new questgiver NPCs
  • Streamlined tutorial/beginner quests
  • New touchstones with helpful tips scattered around the starter areas
  • Added several new synth stations around the world
  • New items available at synth stations
  • New item and godstone modifiers

Game Systems
  • In-game alerting system: get live alerts from the developers (ex. servers going down for restart)
  • News and updates on the main menu

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with players being stuck logged into servers
  • Godstones now gain XP when players are level 40
  • Fixed bug with some characters appearing as incorrect gender
  • Fixed multiple visual glitches with armor
  • Fixed multiple visual glitches with NPCs
  • Players can now kick offline party members from the party
  • Players who skip a level will now get the godstones from any levels they skipped
  • Some Quest/Rift cross-buy players were stuck on "Internet connection available, checking account", this has been fixed
  • Fixed bug that prevented some Support Essence Mages from casting Timeslow

Quality of Life
  • Added Guild menu scrollbar
  • Streamlined Godstone/Role switching UI
  • Better feedback when completing quest objectives

Known Issues
  • Characters created before linking Discord in Skywave do not have their reward items.
    • This will be fixed in a later patch.
  • Game is freezing and crashing
    • Workaround: Abandon any in-progress quests from the side quest NPCs, particularly Surfer Guy and Treasure Hunter
  • Godstone point allocation being reset (select upgrades for Godstone, log out, log back in and need to select again)
    • Workaround: None yet
  • Skipped a level and didn't get the Godstones from the skipped levels
    • Workaround: Press "Refresh Godstones" and then log out and back in. Or, the next time you level up they will be granted.
  • Recipes disappearing from inventory
    • Workaround: None yet

(Note: these workarounds are not 100% guaranteed, just things that have helped many people already.)

Secret Easter Eggs

  • Nice try šŸ˜‰