Hotfix Patch 20999

Hotfix Patch 20999
Patch Type: Hotfix
Patch Number 20999
Build Numbers for all Platforms
Oculus Quest: 0.1.20999
Oculus Rift: 20999
SteamVR: 20999
PSVR: 209999
Release Date: 2/18/22


This patch addresses some of the biggest issues seen in the last patch (freezing, crashing, etc), along with fixing some bugs with Invasion Event rewards and Epic armor stats. Several of the side quests were causing the game to be unplayable for many, but we are happy to report that the fix is in this patch as well.
Thank you to everyone who helped by sending bug reports and info over the past week!

New Features:

  • In preparation for public betas and regular releases, the game client now checks for the current minimum version and requires an upgrade if it's too old (20927)

Resolved Issues (change sets)

  • Updated the current Level 40 Epic equipment to have the same stats as the retired Level 40 Legendary equipment to make sure the new gear is no longer a downgrade (20922)
  • Godstones now show that their XP is maxed out instead of just ceasing to gain XP in the middle of a level (20924)
  • Fixed Blade Master Epic Armor in Synth Stations (20943)
  • Fixed a bug in certain quests that could cause frequent freezes and crashes until those quests were either completed or abandoned (20990)
  • Fixed invasion events not giving rewards to everyone (20994)
  • Improved performance and stability on Oculus Quest. Crashes from teleporting and traveling between zones are less likely to happen. (20996)

Known Issues

The freezes and crashes should be resolved with this hotfix but we may have missed specific hardware/character configurations that could still cause this.
  • Characters created before linking Discord in Skywave do not have their reward items.
    • This will be fixed in a later patch.
  • Godstone point allocation being reset (select upgrades for Godstone, log out, log back in and need to select again)
    • Workaround: None yet
  • Skipped a level and didn't get the Godstones from the skipped levels
    • Workaround: The next time you level up (regardless of role) they will be granted. A more robust fix is also coming in a later patch.
  • Recipes disappearing from inventory
    • Workaround: None yet