Hotfix Patch 21279

Hotfix Patch 21279
Patch Type: Hotfix
Patch Number: 21279
Build Numbers for all Platforms
Oculus Rift/SteamVR: 21391
PSVR: 21343
Oculus Quest: 0.1.21391
Planned Release Date: Friday 3/11, 8 AM PST

EDIT (3/11, 11:45 AM PST)

We're aware of a new issue with some players being unable to use some/all of their godstones. We are looking into it, thanks for your patience!

EDIT (3/11, 8:30 AM PST)

Hotfix patch 21279 is now live on all platforms! This is a mandatory update, so if you do not upgrade you will not be able to play. All servers are back up now.

If you logged in during the downtime and saw a message saying you were banned, this was a mistake. You are NOT banned!

EDIT (3/9, 4:50 PM PST)

Sorry for the delay, PTR is now available for the new hotfix! As a reminder, your characters from the live game will not transfer over to PTR, so you’ll have to make new ones.

Also, we now have a timeline for the hotfix going live to everyone! As part of the release, we will have a 12 hour downtime, starting at 8pm PST on Thursday 3/10 and ending at 8am PST on Friday 3/11 (in other words, overnight for those of us in PST). We hope that we will be able to release it sooner than 8am, but that is our current target. The PTR will remain live during the downtime.


Hotfix patch 21279 is primarily a bug fix and quality-of-life update.
We tried to tackle some of the more frustrating issues we were seeing, like players getting stuck in the middle of nowhere when trying to log in, Public Events behaving inconsistently, Brimm not offering the proper quests, and godstones losing settings on logout. There were also a number of stability fixes behind the scenes as well.
We added some QOL improvements to the World Map, including toggling various icons on/off, and making fast travel points easier to click on. PTR is also fully set up now, so Oculus and Steam players with existing Skywave accounts can switch channels and opt into the PTR program.
The PTR for this hotfix will go live on March 9 and the full patch is scheduled to go live on March 10 (subject to change based on the results of QA testing).



When joining PTR, please remember that it is a pre-release build and you may experience issues or bugs. Your characters from the regular game will NOT transfer over, and characters you create while in PTR will not transfer back to the regular game. The list of shards you see will also be different when you are on the PTR version.
Please report any bugs you see at If you need instructions on how to switch back and forth between PTR and the live game, please see the PTR blog post here.

New Features/Systems


  • New PTR opt-in/sign up flow for people who switch to the PTR channel. (21156)

New Content


Feature/System Updates

World Map

  • World map icons: you can now toggle different types of map markers on/off (for example, Main Story quest locations and Side Quest locations). (21118)
  • Display fast travel markers on top of everything else on the World Map to make it easier to click on them. (21129)

Resolved Issues


  • Fixed Amara's Tears not showing up in Turtletop. (21093)
  • Fix for players getting stuck in the air in Galian Plains upon login. (21185)
  • Fixed players getting stuck on the loading screen when trying to log in. (21185)


  • Grant any missing godstones on login. This fix affects players that leveled up a few levels at once and didn't receive the godstones for the levels in the middle. (21234)
  • Small fix to some buggy godstone nodes that were not applying buffs/effects properly. (21258)
  • Fixed an issue where selected godstones would not stay equipped after logging out, which meant re-equipping all the godstones when logging back in. (21259)
  • Fixed issue where points that were allocated to godstone nodes weren't saving properly, so people had to redo their godstone nodes every time they logged in. (20972)
  • Fixed the lag when interacting with the godstone screen (21135)

Public Events/Invasions

  • Partial fix for defend events randomly losing health even when enemies were not entering the defend zone. (21240)
  • Partial fix for the occasional loss of Zen and/or Amara's Tears after logging out. (21253)
  • Partial fix for the issue with Invasions where one event shows success AND failure at the same time (and ultimately fails, ending the invasion early). (21100)


  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to see locked quests from NPCs even after meeting the requirements, causing an empty dialogue box. (21277)

    Known Issues

    • Characters created before linking Discord to your Skywave account do not have their reward items.
      • This will be fixed in a later patch.
    • Recipes sometimes disappear from the inventory.
      • Workaround: None yet
    • Some players are unable to use some/all of their godstones.
      • Workaround: None yet, but we are actively working on it