Major Patch 1.2: Legends Untold and New Roadmap

Major Patch 1.2: Legends Untold and New Roadmap

We're excited to announce Major 1.2 is coming towards the end of November 2022! It’s packed with new features, content updates, and major bug fixes that you, the community, have been patiently waiting for. We’ll share the release window and full patch notes as soon as they’re ready. Till then here’s what’s on the way.

Upcoming Features

Watch the full clip with sound: 

Creature Catching - Catch and collect creatures out in the wild~. A whole new immersive way to enjoy the beautiful world of Zenith!

Summoning Pets - Summon a creature as a friendly companion to join you on your quests. You can pet them too 🥰

The Academy - Join the new generation of heroes at the Academy. Experience an epic new introductory storyline, learning to control your essence and become the hero of Zenith you were meant to be.

New Early Game Dungeon - Your first major mission after the Academy against the Exiled on hidden lands. Put your newly learned skills to the test while teaming up with others to get the job done.

Tome Keeper Boss Raid - In a shadowy chamber filled with long forgotten knowledge lies the Tome Keeper. An unyielding protector, trapped and twisted by dark knowledge.

Agent Rank and Promotion Rewards - Level up your Agent Rank with a new series of daily and weekly challenges. Complete challenges to earn a variety of rewards like gold, XP, and more!

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff like chess ♟️, new handheld streamer camera (desktop only), VFX updates and graphics fidelity updates for desktop!

  • Edit 11/4 - We’re adding another hugely requested feature (450+ votes): Full Body Tracking on SteamVR! We’re planning to improve network sync and inverse kinematics for FBT over time. This is the first of many steps we’re taking towards making Zenith more immersive than ever before.

Watch the full clip with sound:

We launched Community Beta where you can start trying out some of the new features. Skip to the last section to see how to join!

Top Player Issues

Do Right By The Player is a core value of ours at Ramen VR. This includes gathering feedback, learning our players’ pain points, and seeing how we can do better. In July we started aggregating Top Player Issues from Feedbear, Discord, bug reports, and player interviews – chipping away at the relatively smaller issues in every Minor patch since. For the upcoming Major 1.2, we’re tackling the big ones you’ve all been patiently waiting for:

  • Voice chat bugs [source]
  • Fixing Godstone abilities so they work as described [multiple sources]
  • Ability to reroll enhancements gained from the enhancement stations [source]
  • Allow joining instances with parties smaller than 8 people [source]
  • Better ways to make Zen [source]
  • Guild menu improvements like adding a scrollbar and showing which shard members are on [source]
  • Switching daily and weekly quests [multiple sources]
  • Allow dailies to be completed more than once [multiple sources]
Please keep the feedback coming! Upvote your top issues here:

New Roadmap

Last month we ran a community survey in our Discord and many of you asked for more transparency and an updated roadmap. We heard you and we listened.

We present to you our new roadmap: The roadmap is a living and breathing document we’ll continue to update over time. Be sure to check out the “How to Read This Roadmap” card for extra details. And let us know what you think!


Major 1.2 Community Beta

I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on! Please note the features in the beta are subject to change as we gather feedback from everyone.

Edit 11/4 - The NDA has officially lifted, you're welcome to livestream and chat openly about any new features.

    Please report bugs and feedback on the 1.2 forum in Discord:

    How to Switch Builds:

    Getting set up only takes a few minutes. You’ll just need to switch to the Community Beta build for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest/2, or Steam. Sorry PSVR :( Community Beta is only available for Steam/Oculus users due to the nature of build releases with PSVR.
    Oculus Rift/Quest
    • Navigate to Zenith's Oculus store page on your computer or Meta Quest mobile app.
    • Tap/click on the version number.
    • Change to the channel named 'CommunityBeta' and the app will update on your device.

    • Navigate to the game in your Steam library.
    • Right click on Zenith > Properties > Betas.
    • From the drop down, select 'communitybeta'.

    Install the Community Beta build then you’re all set!
    If you want to go back to the live game – uninstalling the game, changing your version/channel back to LIVE, then reinstalling works well.


    Hope to see you out there!