Major Patch: The Celestial Throne Update

Major Patch: The Celestial Throne Update


We are thrilled to announce our first major update since launch: The Celestial Throne. The update will have dozens of hours of new content, systems, and quality of life enhancements we have been eagerly working on (like left-handed controls!).

The Celestial Throne Update 

Emerging from the violent storm essence that kept it hidden for the last 60 years, a flying castle hovers down near the surface once more.

Within the suspended castle and scattered around the world, adventurers will find six new instanced dungeons filled with interactive puzzles, traps, adversaries, and an abundance of treasure.

Assemble parties of 4-8 players through instance matchmaking, then get ready to test every skill you have, both as individuals and as a team.

The first couple seconds of the video showcases one of the first challenges: the Furnace aka the heart of the castle. The Furnace keeps the enormous fortress afloat with the power of superheated flames and lava. You and your party must feed fire-starters to the forges to generate updrafts from the heat vents. Well-timed updrafts will then carry you across scorching lava pits, and deeper within the Furnace to where a beast awaits.

That’s all we can share for now ;D. We’ll unveil more of the epic end-game raids in the coming weeks. We’re also coming up with ways to grant early access to special members of the community and will share details soon!

Developer AMA on Tuesday, May 31 

We’re hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on our Discord on Tuesday, May 31 to answer any burning questions about the spicy major update. The AMA channel will open 24 hours beforehand to field questions in advance. 

Join our Discord here: We hope to see you there!