Minor Patch 1.1.7 - Improved Matchmaking UX and Bugfixes

Minor Patch 1.1.7 - Improved Matchmaking UX and Bugfixes
Patch Type: Minor
Patch Number 1.1.7
PTR Date: 7/28/2022
Release Date: 7/31/2022
We're excited to announce Minor 1.1.7 has a variety of fixes and improvements that address player feedback and bug reports.
The patch includes quality of life improvements, numerous bugfixes, stability and performance improvements, tweaks to the Celestial Throne climb, an improved Matchmaking experience that's more informative for queued players, plus new Drift animations and voice lines.
Say hello to Drift popping out in various regions now! 🤖
Edit - We're actively working on issues reported by the community here: Player Top Voted Issues. Added links to related issues below. Fixes made are also based on feedback/reports from multiple sources (Discord, bug reports, etc).

Feature/System Updates

  • New Drift animations and voice lines for regions
  • Improved Matchmaking UI/UX that includes:
    • Icon indicators for queued players
    • Matchmaking status in the mini map text pop up
    • New "Instance Ready" pop up with a countdown to join [source 1, source 2]
    • Players time out when queueing for more than 15 minutes
    • Crafting stations are disabled while queueing and crafting ingredients get refunded
  • Changes to the Celestial Throne climb:
    • Moved some platforms to show a clearer path forward
    • Moving platforms pause for longer before moving again
    • Added safety rocks beneath dangerous sections
    • Fixed colliders on moving platforms and vines
    • Added mines in some sections and adjusted the timing for explosions
  • Dungeon updates:
    • Minor improvements to the dungeon boundary system
    • Added previous action completion requirement for boss to spawn in Forsaken Reliquary
    • Added previous room completion requirement for bosses in Seething Depths and Infernal Core
    • Increased laser damage for traps in Forsaken Reliquary
  • Improved wording on Terms of Service buttons
  • Sound polish for the Celestial Throne content

Resolved Issues

  • Reduced crashes and other stability and performance improvements [source]
  • Fixed the Amara's Tear counter to display the correct amount in some regions
  • A further fix to repeatable quests to resolve an issue where they could show up as available but be unselectable
  • When a player dies, the revival tether will always appear above the ground now
  • Fixed a duplication bug for the Cloak of Amara flower [source]
  • Party markers on the map no longer pop when a party member is moving
  • Fixed a bug that allowed turning in the same items more than once when completing certain quests
  • Fixed VFX materials for the Defiled Gardens dome and The Nameless' AOEs will be added in a later patch
  • Fixed popup that incorrectly said "You received 0 item!" will be added in a later patch
  • Fixed lasers not activating in the Defiled Gardens sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where players could rejoin already completed instances
  • Players prevented from switching characters while matchmaking
  • Fixed item level requirement bug for roulettes and raids
  • Fixed Founder headgear visibility will be added in a later patch
  • Made Essence Mage thrown abilities more reliable [source 1, source 2]
  • Visual improvements for armor like the Gothic Raven, Ronin, Dark, and Arik's Gauntlet will be improved in a later patch
  • Visual bugfixes and upgrades for various dungeons
  • Fixed network sync and collision bugs in various dungeons
  • General backend system improvements


  • Made projectile launcher release code more robust to prevent issue that holding the trigger while letting go of the blaster would cause the blaster to get stuck in the world [source]
  • Fixed low-resolution texture on the tree in the center of the Defiled Gardens