Minor Patch 1.2.2 - New World Event, Pets and Bugfixes

Minor Patch 1.2.2 - New World Event, Pets and Bugfixes
Patch Type: Minor
Patch Number: 1.2.2
PTR Date: Feb 2, 2023
Release Date or Window: Feb 9-15, 2023
We're excited to announce our latest patch - Minor 1.2.2! This patch is focused mainly around bug fixes and in-game moderation tool improvements, but we're also introducing new pets and a brand new limited time event foreshadowing the content of our next major update. The foreshadowing event and its rewards will only be available until the launch of 1.3, so get out there, Agent!
Play on the Minor 1.2.2 PTR for 4 hours to earn the character title "Support Star". Note: when playing on PTR character titles are not synced with Live, so you may not see all your titles on PTR.

New Content

  • Added the Amara's Wings capturable creature & pet.
  • Added the Mecha Dingbo pet for users who pre order Zenith on PS VR2 to use later.

  • Added the Baby Arboruht pet.

  • Added the Celebration Cake for Zenith's birthday celebration!
  • Added the Lovely Cupcake in celebration of Valentine's day and the upcoming login event.
  • Added in new Skyward world boss event.
  • Added Fallen Friend, Dazzling Fallen Friend, and Precursor Fallen Friend pets
  • Added in new Fallen monsters for the world boss event.

Feature/System Updates

  • All Dazzling creatures now grant XP to their non-dazzling counterparts.
  • Updated the Invasion cutscene during Day 4 of the Academy
  • Implemented new voice moderation tool to improve community safety, see full blogpost here: https://zenithmmo.com/blogs/news/improving-community-safety
  • Updated our Terms of Service (ToS) in relation to ToxMod. All players will have to re-accept the ToS to play once 1.2.2 releases.
  • Re-tuned Arboruht to be a more difficult challenge.
  • Updated pet perks to be more balanced
    • Reduced speed gain from the Speedy pet perk
    • Reduced rage gain from the Gladiator pet perk
  • Updated the Zenith game credits to reflect new staff.
  • Updated Agent Rank rewards to include new recipes.
  • Added in a new lifeskills icon to replace the cooking pot.
  • Improved in game moderation tools with new ways to block, mute and report players.
    • Improved the in-game reporting system with dropdowns to state what the reason for the report is about.
    • Added a "recently encountered players" list shown in the friend list tab.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a player's friends list to appear blank [Player Top Issues]
  • Fixed weekly quest reset timer to avoid issues where it was incorrect for certain timezones.
  • Fixed an issue with player loading if you logged out or crashed while in a portal. [Player Top Issues]
  • Fixed Obsidian Shroud Godstone modifier, as well as any Culling Beam modifiers that triggered on hitting enemies. Multiple sources
  • Fixed Fastball weapon modifier. Multiple sources
  • Fixed Mortal Skewer Blademaster Legendary Weapon perk. Multiple sources
  • Fixed how weapon modifiers are triggered when attacking. Weapons will now properly use the modifiers that are equipped and not other weapons you have.
  • Fixed an issue with the Agent Rank UI so it now returns to the previously selected screen when re-opening it.
  • Fixed infusion costs for Twilight Athenaeum sets.
  • Fixed an issue where Winter Coins & Winter Nog could not be equipped to a quickslot [Player Top Issues]
  • Fixed an issue with the BladeMaster Foeseeker VFX that would cause an overly-intense flare.
  • Fixed an issue with the Beetle pet's skills sometimes showing incorrect icons.
  • Fixed an issue with certain actions in game giving you duplicate popups
  • Fixed an issue with comfort settings causing other settings to reset.
  • Added a mechanism to free memory for PS5 and PS4.
  • Added an instant teleport back to the Academy starting point if user falls off.
  • Updated the Essence Mage Tank Blocking tutorial to clarify that they can do it in Academy training, and it unlocks permanently at level 7. [Player Top Issues]
  • Fixed an issue where ingredients in cauldron for the "Celebration Cake" could drop below the window.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fallen Friend description overlap.
  • Fixed an issue with the Pet UI having some of its rows cut off.

Known Issues

Edit 2/16: Issues below were fixed during PTR

  • Furnaces do not function in Neowear events in Skysong
  • Rasken is invisible at first and then spawns in abruptly during the Academy fight with Cato.
  • Last row of pets in the life skill menu can only be partially scrolled.
  • Description for the Fallen Friend pet in the summoning tab overlaps with the rarity text.
  • Ingredients in the cauldron for the Celebration Cake overlap the UI window.
  • Effects from Rasken's departure from the Academy invasion cutscene linger after he leaves.
  • Subtitles for Cato and Lyra during the invasion sequence are placed incorrectly.
  • Bushes in the "Neowear - Sapping the Forest" event become plain fog from a distance.
  • Summoned "Dingbo" pet is missing animations and has broken eyes
  • Description for Celebration Cake overlaps stats text when highlighted in Inventory.
  • Players are currently unable to track the "Catch Fallen Friends" activity in the "Skywards Mysteries" season