Minor Patch 22028 - More Inventory Space and a new Referral System

Minor Patch 22028 - More Inventory Space and a new Referral System
Patch Type: Minor
Patch Number 22028
Build Numbers for all Platforms 22028

PTR Date: 4/12/2022

Release Date: 4/18/2022

We are excited to announce the next minor update which comes with a plethora of quality of life, bugfixes, and the introduction of our new in game referral system. 

The core focus of this patch was to address many of the nagging issues that you all have been facing since launch day -- for example, we're player avatars now have their feet planted on solid ground. We've also more than 3x'd player inventory space, and added a new tab for cosmetics specifically.

There are so many improvements and changes, so we encourage you to read the notes below. The public test server is now live, so please help us test and find bugs!


We are sunsetting on Friday, 4/15 by 10:00AM PT  / 5:00PM GMT the Discord based referral system in favor of a new in game referral system! You will now be able to refer people directly via Zenith by sending them your invite code. Read below for more info. All referrals from the existing discord referral system will be migrated to the new system, but after that date, the bot will be taken OFFLINE.

The bot has been really buggy for awhile because it's limited by the total number of invite links a discord server can have, and we've unfortunately hit our max -- this is a Discord API level restriction and there is no way for us to get around it. We'd like to thank everyone who participated, and encourage everyone to continue using the new in game system.

New Features/Systems

  • New in-game referral system. Refer players to Zenith using your code to get exclusive Beater Gear cosmetics! 1 point per referral, 10 points for the full set! The referral screen can be found in the Social tab alongside your friend list. Use it to check the current number of points you have or to enter the name of the player that referred you. Linking your Discord account and adding a referrer will also give you 1 point each. You can pick your rewards up at the Nexus District store.
  • Polished Create Account and Keyboard Usability.
  • Major Polishing on Shard Selection:
    • Filter by region
    • Show home shard always on top
    • Sort by name
    • Sort by shard population
    • Make shard names human readable
  • The next Main Story Quest is always displayed in your inventory.
  • Added extra inventory pages and cosmetic inventory tabs.
  • You can now move your equipment slots to wherever you want -- stop grabbing things randomly, or swing your sword from your back like Kirito ;)
  • "Beater Gear" and "Arik's Gauntlet" rewards are now available in the Nexus District store if you have them unlocked.

Feature/System Updates

  • Polished Guild Creation UI.
  • Show contribution and reward tier medals when completing events.
  • Rewards pop ups for quests. Show item rewards in the public event pop ups.
  • Add party member count to UI, increase max party member count to 8.
  • Opening and closing the in-game menu is now much faster.
  • Added modifier descriptions to item and godstone tooltips.
  • Make the starter weapons trash-able. Add a repeatable quest to Mika in Galian Plains that gives new starter swords or launchers (depending on which class you are). That way if you trash your original starter weapons you can replace them later on.
  • Distance grabbing is now disabled while in combat, to prevent accidentally grabbing loot.
  • Add player's email and account ID as tooltip to the login screen.
  • PS4: Update Shard Filter availability properly when coming from PSN Only.
  • Godstones now properly say when they are fully leveled
  • Hide "remaining XP" on logout panel when level 40 because the value was misleading
  • Improved readability of in-game system messages (like shard restart warnings)
  • Redesigned Agreements for better performance (paging instead of scrolling)

Resolved Issues

  • Fix synthesis stations breaking under certain circumstances
  • Fix some enemy AOEs not being visible on Quest.
  • Prevent Arboruht and other enemies from not counting towards Public Events when kited out of the PE.
  • Fix overlapping quest journal lines.
  • The in-game menu could be opened while loading which could cause accidental interactions. Also, disabled spells and weapon grabbing while loading. This also solves the issue that items (e.g. food) could be grabbed and lost while loading.
  • Fixed issue that role-levels were not properly updated in Godstones UI. Also fixed issue that current role button was not properly disabled, so it was possible to switch to the same role the player already had.
  • Fixed "Must Shroom" quest completing without going to NPC
  • Fixed Quadruped mobs sliding
  • Fix base godstones getting regranted on every login and level up.
  • Fix Shin quest in Forest 2 not rewarding the player.
  • The help menu now works properly on all platforms.
  • 'Shrooms in the Desert' quest now has a Boundary Circle indicating location of the Pond.
  • 'Noodles to the Palace, Pronto' quest now completes at Amani in Emerald Palace.
  • 'Mikas Large Order' quest now available from Brimm at level 40 and Tier-2 Rosemary Rare Mushroom Noodles.
  • Fixed Oculus ID not showing up anywhere; this also caused players on Oculus to show up as offline in the party list and broke all tooltips in the login area (for Create Account and Login)
  • Fixed Vivox Volume Slider (its range went too high); it's still possible to create distortions when going all the way up and the other player is at max volume but this should now happen much less frequently
  • Collect - Fire Seeds quest: Fixed incorrect "Return to" text.
  • Floating Island Treasure quest: Fixed incorrect pre-requisites, separated collect nodes for better tracking.
  • Fixed framedrop issues in credits.
  • Fixed godstone points not saving properly.
  • Players are no longer able to sell the Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe.
  • Avatar's feet now have proper IK and don't clip through the ground.