Patch 1.3 Notes: Skyward Summit

Patch 1.3 Notes: Skyward Summit
Ok iPatch Type: Major
Patch Name: Skyward Summit
Patch Number: 1.3
Release Date: 5/11/2023
Patch 1.3: Skyward Summit is our biggest patch yet! We're introducing hours of early and end game content, interactive systems, storylines, quality of life improvements, bug fixes and addressing a big batch of Player Top Issues.
Patch 1.3 comes with brand new systems & content for all levels:
  • The introduction of Zenith's third class: the Cyber Ninja!
  • A brand new area to explore - Skyland - filled with new quests, enemy types, events and much more.
  • New physics system to help make the world of Zenith more immersive.
  • Player vs. Player
  • Player Housing
  • and much more! Read on for details. 


Starting with patch 1.3, all new Cyber Ninja’s will go straight to the brand new area coming with this patch - Skyland - after the Academy. On the other hand, for all Blade Master’s and Essence Mage’s created after 1.3, 50% of accounts will be funneled into the old quest progression and the other 50% will go to Skyland. If you got funneled into the old questline and want to play in Skyland instead, see directions below in the "New Content" section.

New Features/Systems

Patch 1.3: Skyward Summit introduces a ton of brand new features and systems into the world of Zenith.
  • 🥷 Cyber Ninja - New playable class – a fusion of magic and technology with the sole purpose of taking down enemies with stealth and precision. Simply create a new character and select the Cyber Ninja class to get started! Currently, only the DPS spec is available.
  • ⛏️ New Life Skills (available in Skyland) - Mine ore and chop wood around Skyland, as well as craft yourself armor and weapons! You will acquire the multi-tool soon after starting the new Skyland questline, giving you access to the gathering tools and grappling hook. Note that the grappling hook currently works in Skyland only. 
  • ⚔️ PVP - Challenge other Zenitheans to duke it out in a variety of game types! This can be found in the menu that comes up when you interact with another player (same menu to add friend, etc).
  • 🏡 Player Housing - Purchase and decorate your own home in Zenith. Invite friends over, throw a party, paint the walls! Houses can be purchased inside of the city; follow the signs near the Nexus District crystal - you can't miss ‘em!
  • 👊 Combat Updates - Improvements on moment to moment gameplay with dodge, crouch, blocking, etc. Several settings related to the updated combat system can be found in your comfort settings. In Skyland, there are also several new combat mechanics (such as headshots) and new enemy AI.
  • ⚛️ New Immersive Physics System - We ripped out our old physics and replaced it entirely with a new one! Benefits include swapping items without dropping, hand poses, not being able to push your hands through stuff, finger tracking improvements, better zip lines, two handed interactions (read: use two hands on the harvesting tool!), and more.

New Content

Patch 1.3 Skyward Summit has a brand new area to explore, with tons of new challenges to tackles and adventures to get into!
  • 🌎 Skyland - Beautiful floating island with mysterious advanced ancient technology and mobs. If you have an existing character and want to go to Skyland, go through the portal on the bridge outside of the city and it will send you to Skyland and start you on the new questline.
    • If you wish to experience the old main questline, you can return to Fractured Plains at any time and talk to Rasken to play the original story.
  • 🥷 The Cyber Ninja will have all new sets of armor and weapons to acquire.

Feature/System Updates

  • Gliding sound no longer plays directly in your ears when another player is gliding nearby [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Disabled grass on Quest 2 by default
  • You can now create private parties with the option of voice moderation being turned off. When joining an unmoderated private party, you'll be warned prior to joining. [Multiple Sources]
  • Added a new, full-color world map which includes academy, the celestial throne, and skyland
  • Improved the feel of throwing items.
  • Changed the default setting for Comfort Loading Screen to be disabled, which means there will be noticeable stutters instead of the black Freeing Memory loading screen. Players can easily restore the old setting if this being disabled causes VR discomfort / nausea.
  • Added in the Booster referral cosmetic gear and Brimm's hat cosmetic.
  • Added in new daily Agent Rank quests for PvP.
  • Cursed hounds have improved enemy detection.
  • Raised the floor level in the pond under the bridge in Academy
  • Added a quicker login flow that skips the user to their last Shard and/or Character selection.
  • Added regular and dazzling Twilight Jellypuff catchable pets in Skyland.

Resolved Issues

  • Enhancement Station in Emerald Desert fixed.
  • Fixed Pet Stamina Regeneration perk.
  • Fixed critical power and critical chance godstone and gear modifiers. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed quest list not refreshing when re-opening it after completing a quest.
  • Fixed the issue where Divine Favor gives the player and not the ally hit an AP boost. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Aggro-based HP scaling is now applied properly to enemies when initially engaging them, before applying the first hit.
  • Implemented checks so that if an agent rank mission is unavailable to the player (cannot be tracked or completed), it will be repaired.
  • Fixed blazing barrier not doing damage due to an incorrect hitbox. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Prevented eating cooked ingredients
  • The first hit on an enemy now correctly takes into account HP scaling based on the number of players nearby.
  • Fixed godstones not being enabled on login. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Primal modifier fixed and is now working properly, for example with Sunder and Vorpal Strike.
  • Fixed issues where certain parts of players wont load in properly.
  • Reduced cursor jitter on some parts of the world map. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed some memory leak issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Queen-side castling in chess. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed issues with Scythe godstone not behaving as described [Multiple Sources]
  • Fixed fully-levelled pets always being sad :( [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed divine favors always triggering instead of being a 20% chance as described [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Optimized waterfall effect on Quest 2
  • Fixed a few ability hitboxes which didn't match their visuals
  • Improved performance with a lot of capturable creatures nearby
  • Improved performance on quest 2 with multiple nearby players
  • Improved performance with multiple enemies nearby
  • Improved performance when the celestial throne is loaded
  • Fixed several places where godstones that would normally have modifiers could be dropped without any [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed visual issues with the agent rank rewards UI
  • Fixed a public event in radiant coast that never worked
  • Optimized performance and memory usage of UIs
  • Fixed an issue where your own player name appeared as [BLOCKED] sometimes in list UIs [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed audio spam when out of ammo on EM blasters [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed very low performance on Quest 2 in Infernal Core since system software update version 50. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed stamina replenishing modifiers, e.g. breathstealer, fighting spirit, second wind, sprinters rush. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed heal over time modifiers that should apply to yourself, e.g. fatebreaker, shelter, everflow, saint. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed incoming damage modifiers like crimson overflow, forgehearts flame, shredding storm, icepiercer, godslayer, no escape. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed the Firebrand god stone perk to last the proper duration. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed issues with Arboruht's poison projectile not being visibile. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed the gap in the mountain next to the Forsaken Reliquary dungeon.
  • Fixed the issue where a player could possibly get stuck in an instance which has already been completed. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed an issue with the water in Radiant Coast.
  • Improved the world map resolution on Quest.
  • Fixed an issue that caused scout quest locations to always be active.
  • Fixed account creation not working for those with very very long emails [Multiple Community Sources]
  • [PSVR1 only] fixed Amara's Children quest keys appearing invisible [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Made graphics settings persistent [Multiple Community Sources]
  • [PSVR2 only] Added settings for HMD Haptics and Adaptive Triggers and removed setting irrelevant for the platform
  • [PSVR2 only] Re-activated Grass Density Settings
  • [PSVR2 only] Improved throwing objects
  • [PSVR2 only] Guild tags show for players now
  • [PSVR2 only] Restored higher render distance
  • Fixed issues with multiple Guild Leader causing issues, and improved Guild Leader functionality overall. Guild Leaders can now demote themselves if there is another Guild Leader. Leaders can leave a guild if another Leader exists. Leaders can now pass the Leader role to another member. Removed the ability for Leaders to promote an additional Leader. [Multiple Community Sources]
  • Fixed some visual issues in Outlaw Grove.
  • Fixed an issue to ensure Spirit Burn chains attach to the caster, not to all players.
  • Fixed an issue to ensure other players' Spirit Burn chains show up.

Known Issues

  • Virtual desktop is currently not working with the Oculus Rift version of Zenith.
  • Some players on Oculus desktop may not see load screens.
  • Not all enemies outside of Skyland will have Kama Cadence patterns.
  • Tutorial videos in Outlaw Grove are currently disabled
  • Fallen Friend pets may ignore collision and move away from their name tag.
  • Fallen Friend catchable creatures are different colors from the summonable version. We are currently exploring alternative solutions to distinguishing the catchable creature version from enemies.
  • Raids are currently unable to be completed due to unique issues per raid.
  • Cyber Ninja godstones are not dropping on non-US shards. Playing on a US shard fixes this issue.
  • Sometimes players' torso's will appear to be missing.
  • T3 crafting recipe for food power items requires 0 food items to craft, making crafting it impossible.
  • Memory issues when fast traveling / initially loading into the world.
  • Users may fall through the ground when attempting to respawn in Skyland's Forest zone.
  • [PSVR2 only] Issues with Advanced Haptics causing crashes.
  • Users may sometimes crash when entering a player house.

Patch 1

  • Fixed issues with Cyber Ninja agent rank gear.
  • Created Cyber Ninja invasion gear in the Synth station in the Nexus District
  • Created a new modifier for the "Legendary" CN weapon.
  • Buffed Cyber Ninja weapon stats to better align with Blade Master and Essence Mage.
  • Fixed visual issues with the Soulless bow.
  • Buffed the Viper Assassin bow primary stat to better align with Blade Master and Essence Mage.
  • Fixed issues with certain new items (such as Skydew) not properly stacking.
  • Fixed an issue where you could enhance the multi-tool.
  • Added an infusion cost to the Cyber Ninja level 43 gear.
  • Fixed an issue with the Matchmaking UI that was preventing it from showing in the HUD.
  • Fixed an issue with valve wheels (e.g. in dungeons) that would cause them to move in unexpected ways.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Infernal Core raid progression.
  • Fixed issues with the harvest tool and the toggle grip setting.
  • Fixed a bug with the pull-in feature of the hookshot.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause you to fall through terrain while fast traveling.
  • Adjusted frequency of "Freeing Memory" to help reduce crash rates.
  • Optimized some textures to help with memory usage, particularly in skyland.
  • Fixed an issue with toggle grip and climbing.
  • Fixed an issue with Summoned Fallen Friend movement.
  • Fix for Wildfire arrows self-aiming system to be more accurate.
  • Fixed an issue with Sky Lake where the antenna and floating propellers are invisible on low quality settings and user cannot reach the Telos Tear
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tomekeeper to not spawn properly.
  • CN godstones now drop on all shards

Patch 2

  • Fixed an issue causing Tears of Telos to render pink and only show in one eye
  • Fixed an issue where Creature Catching Orbs would sometimes pass through creatures without capturing them
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to promote a user in a guild if you were the leader of the guild, and there was at least one other leader
  • Added a confirmation popup to purchasing housing and housing extensions.
  • Fixed an issue with grenadier enemy back tanks still playing sounds when destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where Sylphid Destroyers for the "Macabre Menagerie" quest occasionally didn't count towards quest objectives and didn't despawn.
  • Fixed Virtual Desktop not working properly on Rift (rendering in 2D mode)
    • Developer NoteWe had a fix for Virtual Desktop for Rift ready for this patch, however some new issues came up that we need to address. If you would like to help test we have released a new version to channel : Virtual Desktop
    • This is an Experimental branch for virtualdesktop. You may experience visual issues and flickering and other strange things.
    • You would opt in the same way as any other test versions we have done in the past and it links to the live servers. It can be found in the Oculus Rift desktop app
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the "Mine For The Taking" quest to not continue successfully in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where some capturable creatures could be chased into terrain.
  • Fixed some of the creature and treasure spawns that weren't working in the Lake and Forest areas of Skyland.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use other player's cooking stations
  • Various audio fixes incliding fixing the housing music track being on the SFX volume slider, stealth loop volumes, updated audio cues for the Cyber Ninja stacking arrow.
  • Fixed an issue causing one of the hairstyles to change from white to red.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Wildfire's extra arrows to not hit and go crazy around a target sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where Wildfire arrows would try to aim for the feet on certain enemies
  • Fixed an issue where other players' body parts (such as chest pieces) would sometimes appear to be missing
  • Fixed an issue preventing remote/force/tele grabbing from working properly
  • Updated the in-game credits.
  • Fixed an issue where grabbing an item while throwing a sword could lead to the item ending up in a weird state
  • Fixed an occasional issue prevented players from placing materials into Skyland constructor stations and interactive crafting stations
  • Fixed an issue where weakpoint sound effects from Exiled and Tekbrid enemies would continuously play.
  • Added enemy targeting sounds.
  • Updated the Corsair's Coat Bow icon to the proper model.
  • Polished up the Shining Example, Brute Fight, Survey the Forst, Tekbrid Terror, Beacon Bind, Traitor's Babbling and Brutal Bash quests.
  • Fixed an issue causing the revive tether to jitter if the player needing to be revived was moving around
  • When Patch 2 releases to live, players who claimed the Cyber Ninja epic/invasion Agent Rank gear before Patch 1 launched (which fixed these rewards granting no items) will be able to go back and claim that gear.
  • Fixed an issue where you could grab two items in the same frame, resulting in one of them falling on the floor
  • Fixed an issue with the targeting UI not showing all of the relevant information for an enemy
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally break loot orbs, potentially resulting in them being unable to be picked up
  • Fixed an issue which could render the game unplayable for secondary users on Quest 2 headsets due to an error in first-time setup
  • Fixed behavior of the unique modifier for the Cyber Ninja's artifact weapon
  • Any Cyber Ninja gear which was missing modifiers will be repaired on login now
  • Fixed some bosses not being tagged properly as a boss level creature
  • Fixed some cooking ingredients disappearing when placed on onto the cutting board
  • Rift-only: Made VR startup/fallbacks more robust
  • Rift-only: Fixed loading-screen when VR fallback was needed
  • Rift-only: Showing useful error messages when starting up Oculus VR failed
  • Updated Skyland crafting mastery requirements, now requiring 10/30/80 crafts for one star, two star and three star crafting respectively, up from 10/30/50 crafts.
    • Developer NoteDuring the testing phases for Skyward Summit, we had set the requirement for 3 star crafting at 50 crafts for testing purposes, intending to substantially increase it for the live patch. This value was not properly updated, and the live patch continued with the lower requirement. Recognizing that players have already been experiencing the current requirement for a significant amount of time, we acknowledge that suddenly increasing the 3 star crafting requirement to a significantly higher value would feel discouraging. To find a reasonable compromise, we have decided to raise the crafting requirement for 3 star crafting to 80 crafts. We believe this adjustment strikes a balance that acknowledges the progress made by players while still maintaining a challenging goal for mastery attainment.
  • Updated the Skyland crafting mastery bonuses to provide 10%/20%/30% crafting cost reduction for one star, two star and three star crafting respectively, up from 5%/10%/15%.
    • Developer NoteWe recently addressed an issue that unintentionally resulted in a 50% crafting mastery benefit at rank 3. However, in our efforts to rectify the issue, we inadvertently over-compensated by decreasing the three star bonus down 15%. We understand that this adjustment made the crafting mastery bonuses feel underwhelming. To ensure that crafting mastery remains impactful, we will be implementing an increase to the bonuses, increasing them to 10%, 20%, and 30% for ranks 1-3 respectively, aiming to restore the sense of significance and reward in crafting mastery.

Patch 2 Known Issue: For a small subset of Rift users on Windows 10 that have not set Oculus as their default OpenXR runtime and exit and restart Zenith may see a black screen in the headset following second launch of the game.

If you see this please try the following workaround steps.

Check the Oculus launcher for this blue message at the top.

If you see this message click the "Set as default" button

After completing this please reboot your pc and attempt to relaunch the game via Airlink/Link and the game should run as expected. If you still encounter issues please let us know in our bugs section of our Discord

Patch 3

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Beater Sword cosmetic from showing up properly for the player who has it equipped.
  • Fixed "(Daily) Brute Brutalizer" agent rank quest not being possible to complete/progress in.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy structures in Skyland that made them difficult to hit for Blademasters .
  • Fixed an issue where collecting a Tear of Telos would hide one of the others, preventing it from being collected.
  • In certain cases with certain system configurations on Oculus where the game would not initialize properly, there is now an error screen which explains how to fix the problem
  • Fixed an issue that has been causing some shard instability.
  • Fixed an issue causing parrying to not work.
  • Fixed an issue where Cyber Ninjas were not getting loot drops from Tomekeeper or Arboruht.
  • Updated Synth stations to accommodate more items.
  • Reordered Tomekeeper gear in its synth station to appear in a better order.
  • Fixed an issue where climbing a non-slippery surface could feel slippery.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the player to get stuck in climb mode.
  • Added a proper visual effect for climbing slippery surfaces.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting blueprints failed to accurately consider crafting bonuses concerning the level of the item
  • [PS VR2] Fixed an issue that caused flickering after character loading.
  • Fixed various issues related to virtual desktop functionality on Oculus Rift.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Agent Rank claim animation to play, even if you were not able to successfully claim the reward.