Ramen VR Closes $35M Series B Round Led by Anthos and Dune

Ramen VR Closes $35M Series B Round Led by Anthos and Dune

We just closed our $35M Series B financing. 

You might be asking yourself — “What does that mean?

TL;DR we get more $$$ to make Zenith gud, faster.

At launch, Zenith was the top selling game across multiple platforms, beating out preorders for Elden Ring, and sales of Dying Light, God of War, and Beat Saber. You guys have been playing the game for almost 2 hours each day, and there are hundreds of thousands of you at this point! Investors were really excited by that so we decided to raise some capital to help us get to the future quicker.

We were both humbled and overwhelmed by the reception to our launch in January; we became the #1 selling game on Steam (not just SteamVR), Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest, and a top-selling title on PlayStation VR, as well. We quickly made all our development costs back and are profitable — but with this cash infusion we can be even more ambitious. This funding means we will probably double or triple our team size in the next few years and double down on Zenith. We can bring on world class team members that have built the most successful gaming franchises and VR games of the past 10 years. But don't worry, we will work hard to preserve the culture that got us to this point -- Do Right By The Player is and continues to be our credo.

We’ve said for a long time that this is the only game we’re going to work on, and that continues to be the case. This funding will allow us to not only build out the core of Zenith but also accelerate our efforts to bring bespoke and tailored mobile and desktop experiences to the game as well. Even if we expand our team though our focus continues to be polishing the overall experience of Zenith and adding tons of new leveling and end game content. PS - We’ll never sacrifice VR immersion for the sake of being cross-platform. Be prepared to see more worlds in Zenith soon.

We’ve also got some amazing investment partners including Anthos Capital and Dune Ventures, with additional investment from Makers Fund and personal investments from Andrew Chen and James Gwertzman, general partners at Andreessen Horowitz.



PS We're HIRING across all major disciplines -- Design, Art, Engineering, and Operations!