Rings & Ruins Update

Rings & Ruins Update
Patch Number: 1.3.2
PTR Date: July 11, 2023
Release Date: July 21, 2023
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Anyone who played on beta (play on PTR) for Rings & Ruins will earn the character title "Ring Runner". The character title will be distributed within a week of launch.
Since we're making continuous updates to Zenith, we're also moving away from the "Patches", "Minor", and "Major" naming conventions. Going forward we'll be using "Updates" to describe a group of changes.
We're excited to announce the Rings & Ruins Update! This update has a brand new area unlocked within Skylands, new pets, various bug fixes including godstone fixes and more.

New Content

The wall in Skyland has now shifted, unlocking a brand new area to explore filled with new aerial challenges and quests. Help the Skyland expedition team expand their forces further into the island!
  • Added a new chapter in the Skyland storyline, featuring two brand new characters!
  • Added 3 new Public Events, including one of a brand new Payload Public Event type
    • Work together to defend an objective, escorting it through the zone and towards a final destination, fighting off enemies as you go!
  • Added a new Pylon buff for players to collect!
  • Add new Epic Helm, Leggings, Chestpieces, and Weapons for players to craft!
  • Added new pet: Grasslands Jellypuff
  • Added new pet: Bumblewing

Feature/System Updates

  • Made Skyland pylon stat buffs apply on top of regional downscaling instead of being limited by it
  • Improvements to the world map - it recenters on the player when opened, and can be centered by clicking in the right joystick
  • Reworked how godstone cooldowns work, so that switching godstones in combat is now possible and behaves as intended. Cooldowns will carry over to the new godstone
  • Implemented a mechanism to prevent player data loss when logging in if data is unreadable. Players will be unable to log in and will be asked to contact support

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed Meta Quest Pro using portals for loading and resetting to this on every login
  • Fixed inability to move the harvesting tool for some players
  • Fixed Essence Mage Tank Ultimate (Entropy Skewer) not applying stagger duration increase as described on its tooltip
  • Fixed comfort preferences button on character list not working
  • Potential fix for a crash that could occur on all platforms when loading the world, most often when coming back from an instanced raid/dungeon
  • Fixed summoning lifeskills menu not showing the bottom row if it was less than half full
  • Fixed an issue which could result in player inventories not being saved when being kicked from an instance via the timeout
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Skyland Agent rank to have all its challenges un-claimable (with an error popup) for some players
  • Fixed an issue where player-ally NPC health bars could not show up if they spawned in front of the player
  • Fixed certain kinds of status effects which should provide instant lifesteal to the player (e.g. Bloodblade) not working
  • Fix for an issue which caused lag spikes when switching zones
  • Fixed godstones breaking when switching between them after previously having had a stamina regen buff

Update 1

  • Added "Trimm" stylist NPC in Skylands Base Camp where you can adjust your appearance as well as rename your character in-game!

  • Added a button in the logout menu that allows you to switch to another shard from in-game, rather than having to log out and back in
  • Added additional instruction on gliding at the end of the Academy sequence for new characters
  • Added optional quest to Mika in Skyland Base Camp for introducing players to player housing
  • Ability Power and Gladiator pet perks now function as intended.
  • Upon account creation, some players will automatically be sent to the most populated shard for their region
  • Fixed respawn location at end of Academy sequence if you fall down while trying to glide to the escape island
  • Fixes to the loading screen to make it behave more reliably for long loading processes, especially when returning from an instance to the main world.
  • Performance updates, including work done to improve shard latency
  • Essence Mage Godhands now has an upfront stamina cost and drains less stamina afterwards
  • Fixed fallen foe enemies being broken after they're defeated and respawn