Season 2: Frostrealm Coming Soon

Season 2: Frostrealm Coming Soon
We're excited to announce Season 2: Frostrealm for Infinite Realms is coming soon! The current release window is April 9th to April 15th. We'll confirm the release date next week.
Season 2 will bring fresh content including a new biome, a new boss, a new element for gesture magic, new cosmetics, and bugfixes. More on this soon!
Till then, here's exactly what happens when a new season begins in IR:
  • Character Level and Skill Tree (and Accrued Skill Points) will reset.
  • Characters retain all Zen, Dust, and unlocked / purchased cosmetic items.
  • Previously acquired gear items will be automatically converted into dust.
  • For all "Unique" gear items acquired during the previous Season, characters will get to keep them as cosmetic items.
  • Characters will start with the default Starter Gear.
  • Characters that reached Level 10 or higher in the previous Season will gain a "Season Rank", indicating how many past Seasons the character participated in. More details on this next week!
  • Characters will gain a "Season Level Prestige" indicating their character level in the previous season. In other words, each Character will get its own "Season Level Prestige"
    • Level 0-9 = Novice
    • Level 10 - 30 = Bronze
    • Level 31 - 50 = Silver
    • Level 51 - 75 = Gold
    • Level 76 - 99 = Diamond
    • Level 100 = Legendary




We want to ensure that we are releasing a quality update for Season 2: Frostrealm, so we decided to give it some more time to cook: our new release window is April 9th to April 15th.

We have also noted that many of you wished to have more time to complete your experience with Season 1, so this is your chance ;)

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to you seeing the new content!