Season 2: Frostrealm

Season 2: Frostrealm

Season 2: Frostrealm Update

Release Date: April 11, 2024
We're excited to bring Season 2: Frostrealm to Infinite Realms!
Season 2 brings fresh content including a new biome, a new boss, brand new lightning gesture magic, new cosmetics, and bugfixes. More info below!

New Content

  • Added 3 new Adventure Gate layouts
  • Added 3 new Pandowl Gate Winter Biome layouts
  • Added new Pirate Bandit and Navarre Armor Cosmetics sets
  • Added new Unique armor set for Season 2
  • Added lightning elemental branches to skill tree

Feature/System Updates

  • Added new Season Rank and Season Level Prestige displays to inventory stats panel, main menu character selection, and above players' heads
  • Created new set of Unique modifiers for gear
  • Allowed Unique modifiers to drop on any piece of Unique gear (though still locked to that item)
  • Added Tempest Push spawn projectile on impact modifier
  • Added Bow Cosmetic reward to Agent Rank rewards



    Season 2 Reset Details

    • Character Level and Skill Tree (and Accrued Skill Points) will reset.
    • Character Agent Rank progress will reset.
    • Characters retain all Zen, Dust, and unlocked / purchased cosmetic items.
    • Previously acquired gear items will be automatically converted into dust.
    • For all "Unique" gear items acquired during the previous Season, characters will get to keep them as cosmetic items.
    • Characters will start with the default Starter Gear.
    • Characters that reached Level 10 or higher in the previous Season will gain a "Season Rank", indicating how many past Seasons the character participated in. 
    • Characters will gain a "Season Level Prestige" indicating their character level in the previous season. In other words, each Character will get its own "Season Level Prestige"
      • Level 0-9 = Novice
      • Level 10 - 30 = Bronze
      • Level 31 - 50 = Silver
      • Level 51 - 75 = Gold
      • Level 76 - 99 = Diamond
      • Level 100 = Legendary

    Resolved Issues

    • Fixed enchantment tomes being usable on incorrect rarities. Enchantment Tomes will now correctly be limited to only be usable on items of the same rarity or 1 rarity below
    • Fixed Unique items appearing in Enchantment menu
    • Fix item upgrading not properly increasing item stats
    • Fixed item power showing in enchantment cost screen for basic dust
    • Fixed Toxic Alchemist cosmetics issue
    • Fixed PSVR2 Tutorial being blocked by not recognizing jumping
    • Drastically reduced memory usage in IR
    • Significantly reduced load times for IR
    • Fixed issue where players on Quest 2 would frequently get stuck in the air in IR on login
    • Improved proximity chat while in the city and in the islands
    • Performance and Memory improvements for TLC

    Known Issues

    • If you have the bald hairstyle and play out of body mode it’ll show you without a head
    • If you are having a grey screen on PSVR2 please toggle the Cinematic setting located here: Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2 > Cinematic Mode
    • Credits may display incorrectly
    • Viewing the credits may cause the login to fail, restarting your game will correct this. 
    • Infinite Realms
      • Rare grapple hook momentum bug where momentum stops while grappling, if this occurs using the alternate hand will correct the issue
      • Some headgear doesn’t preview in inventory
      • The PVP start duel button isn't working
      • You may encounter some minor performance issues when using higher rarity item modifiers on standalone
      • You may encounter some performance issues at higher levels, this is being investigated
      • Your Season Rank may not display correctly for others until the second time you login 
    • The Last City
      • Lighting in certain areas will be slightly off like in the Infernal Core (some geo is black), and housing on PCVR, and shading on some objects from certain angles or at specific times of day
      • Housing will show a grid on initial load in. The grid will continue to show if the house doesn't have a floor
      • We are aware of an issue with buffs and debuffs that can result in your movement controls being inverted though this has been improved it may still be possible.

    Hotfix 1

    • Fixed visual issue with Navarre premium cosmetic gloves


    Hotfix 2


  • PS VR2 Cosmetics store has opened
  • Voice chat fixes
  • Shard and Instance stability improvements


    The wait is over!

    We are happy to announce that Zenith: Nexus is now available on the PSVR 2 store for new players!

    This contains both our season-based F2P game mode Zenith: Infinite Realms, and the option to purchase our long standing VRMMO Zenith: The Last City (automatically included for previous owners)

    Go grab it with some friends and enjoy!

    Mid-Season Update

    Release Date: May 16, 2024

    We're excited to bring another mid-season update for Infinite Realms that comes with a new premium cosmetic set and various bug fixes.


    • Added new Exiled Armor Premium Cosmetic Set
    • IR: Changing shards in game now consistently uses loading screen to prevent discomfort through frame drops / mini-freezes
    • IR: Fixed issue with enemies getting stuck (Boss Rush, Mini Bosses and Brutes)
    • IR: Removed unnecessary VFX spawning in the city
    • IR: Fixed issue with bosses & minibosses getting "stuck" to player characters
    • IR: Fixed issue with players getting stuck in the loading screen when changing shards
    • TLC: Added the "Change Shard" button back in
    • TLC: Fixed that Forsaken Reliquary Boss spawned inconsistently
    • TLC: Fixed general issues with instance boss behaviors
    • TLC: Fixed player level display issue

    Community Event


    Boss Crush! 


    The goal for the community is to collectively complete 1000 or more boss rush events throughout this weekend May 17th to 20th. 


    If the goal is attained, anyone participating in the event will get the new title Boss Crusher! (This title will be Red) 


    The in-game message board will be updated daily with the community's progress.


    Good luck to everyone!