Season 3: Emerald Grove

Season 3: Emerald Grove

Season 3: Emerald Grove

Release Date: June 7, 2024

We're excited to bring Season 3: Emerald Grove to Infinite Realms!

Season 3 brings fresh content including new island layouts, a new boss, new cosmetics, and bugfixes. More info below!

New Content

  • Added 3 new Adventure Gate layouts
  • Added 6 new Pandowl Gate layouts
  • Added new Zenithian Officer premium cosmetic set
  • Added new Agent Rank Season & New Agent Rank Bow Cosmetic Reward
  • New Exiled, Ent, and Avatar of Telos enemies
  • Added new Season 3 Unique Gear Set


The Last City

  • Increased Epic Augment chance from 1% -> 15%
  • Increased staggerizer drop rate
  • Increased boss godstone drop rate from 2.6% for any given godstone to 3%

Season 3 Reset Details

  • Character Level and Skill Tree (and Accrued Skill Points) will reset.
  • Character Agent Rank progress will reset.
  • Characters retain all Zen, Dust, and unlocked / purchased cosmetic items.
  • Previously acquired gear items will be automatically converted into dust.
  • For all "Unique" gear items acquired during the previous Season, characters will get to keep them as cosmetic items.
  • Characters will start with the default Starter Gear.
  • Characters that reached Level 10 or higher in the previous Season will gain a "Season Rank", indicating how many past Seasons the character participated in. 
  • Characters will gain a "Season Level Prestige" indicating their character level in the previous season. In other words, each Character will get its own "Season Level Prestige"
    • Level 0-9 = Novice
    • Level 10 - 30 = Bronze
    • Level 31 - 50 = Silver
    • Level 51 - 75 = Gold
    • Level 76 - 99 = Diamond
    • Level 100 = Legendary

Resolved Issues

  • Players can now exit the credits by pressing B on on your right controller (Circle on PS VR2)
  • Fixed TLC / IR Selection Pop up not appearing after login
  • Fixed issues that could occur when canceling in progress Steam purchases
  • Boss enemies won't get "stuck" to player characters anymore
  • Fixed issue where bow sometimes failed to equip correctly
  • Players will now always have the choice between TLC and IR when logged in with an existing account

Known Issues

  • Infinite Realms
    • You may encounter an island that is a little too bright, this is Quest only and will be corrected ASAP
    • Agent Rank grunt enemy kill quest descriptions don't list enemies added in Season 3 (though kills will still contribute to quest progress)
    • Rare grapple hook momentum bug where momentum stops while grappling
    • Some headgear doesn’t preview in inventory
    • The PVP start duel button isn't working
  • The Last City
    • Lighting in certain areas will be slightly off like in the Infernal Core (some geo is black), and housing on PCVR, and shading on some objects from certain angles or at specific times of day
    • Housing will show a grid on initial load in. The grid will continue to show if the house doesn't have a floor
    • We are aware of an issue with buffs and debuffs that can result in your movement controls being inverted



New Updates:

  • Adventure Gate: Swapping to a brand new run. Expect another new one in the next rotation on Friday, July 12th!
  • Bug Fix: The Avatar of Telos will no longer become invisible at range.
  • New Feature: As requested by the community, you can now see the regions in the instance/server list.

Enjoy the updates!