Updates to In-Game Code of Conduct

Updates to In-Game Code of Conduct

At Zenith: The Last City, we want to make sure all players have a fair and enjoyable experience while playing. To maintain this, we have established a set of guidelines for in-game conduct and what kind of inappropriate behavior we will take action against.

Breaking In-Game Code of Conduct 

Any behavior that gives an unfair advantage, such as but not limited to exploiting bugs to gain extra items or currency, refreshing cooldowns, or using third-party tools, is against our code of conduct. However, running programs that give slight modifications to your play-space for quality of life purposes are excluded from this. Additionally, abusing the map in unintended ways to make yourself invulnerable during encounters, entering areas not meant for players to gain an unintended advantage in a fight, and other forms of map exploitation during combat to trivialize content is also not considered fair play.

It's important to note that these rules apply to all players, whether they're in a private party or public group. However, players will not be banned for discovering and reporting exploits to the appropriate channels. Only players who intentionally abuse exploits for personal gain will face consequences. Bugs can be reported on our Discord server.  

Players who intentionally grief other players by preventing them from looting or completing instances will also be subject to disciplinary action. In addition, falsely reporting other players who are not breaking any rules in a deliberate attempt to get them banned is also a code of conduct violation.

It's important to note that these rules will not be used retroactively and will be implemented going forward. Feedback is welcome as we continue to improve and evolve these guidelines.