Updates to Shard List

Updates to Shard List

Hey Zenitheans,

Can you believe it’s only been a month since launch? The community is growing and taking shape, and as a result, we’re starting to get a better picture of which users are located in which regions.

To that end, we’re adjusting the shard lists for some regions starting next week (we'll make another announcement closer to the exact date). Some shards are being removed entirely, while others are being moved to another region.

Shards that are moving to a new region

  • elemental: moving from US-EAST to EUROPE
  • ent: moving from US-EAST to EUROPE
  • titan: moving from US-EAST to EUROPE
  • windsong: moving from US-EAST to EUROPE

Shards that are being removed


  • bandit
  • berserker
  • boulger
  • cultist
  • mausoleum
  • pirate
  • squire
  • wolf


  • dance
  • lighting
  • magma


  • defender_2
  • dragonfruit_2
  • obsidian_2
  • papaya_2
  • sunder_2

Remember, accounts and characters are not locked to any shard or region, so if your regular shard was moved or removed, never fear! You won’t lose any progress or data.

We hope this change will help to balance out the players across regions and make the experience better for everyone!