What to expect in Zenith Closed Alpha 1

What to expect in Zenith Closed Alpha 1

Alpha 1 week overview

In the coming week, we are kicking off our Closed Alpha 1 with a preview build that our partnered content creators are showing off (right now - earn drops here). The Alpha comes with our first quests, enemies and zones to explore, as well as our first classes. 

In this Alpha, we are focusing hard on game and server performance, as well as feedback on combat and exploration. Social features, instanced dungeons, and many other features will come in later tests. 


What zones can we expect in the Alpha? 

The first place you will start is the main city. You might have already had a glimpse at what the main city looks like from our trailer and other content, but now you get to see the city yourself. 

Once you leave the city, you will approach the start of your journey in the Galian Plains, and you'll get the chance to level up and quest far beyond that zone. You can expect a few zones to quest and level in this Alpha test -- The map gives an overview of which zones you'll be able to progress through and explore. 


'Exploring the mountains'

What about questing and events? 

We have world spawn events where you can face world bosses or time-trial your way through. 

We have a few quest lines which will take you through most of the zones -- We are just trialling this so if there are any issues please let us know.


Whats the max level right now? 

We set the max level to 40 for this first Alpha test to give the more hardcore players a challenge. 

It won't be that easy to get there, but we would love to see you give it a shot. 


Can I play with my friends? 

Yes! Once you are in game, make sure you and your friends connect to the same shard so that you can head out and explore with each other. For now, we use distance based voice chat, so if that doesn't work for you, you might wanna set yourself up with discord chat for now. You can mute your microphone in-game if you decide to use voice chat out-of-the-game by using an option which is available in the menu. In future tests we hope to have more options here.

For future Alpha tests

Right now guilds, parties and friend list invites are still being improved, so for this build, we have removed social options to make sure we can get them right before any testing. In the future we should have some updates on this but for now, our focus is on performance and the feel of general gameplay. We really want everyone to have a good time before we invest heavily in developing out the social feature set. 

We won't have crafting or cooking available in this Alpha but it will be available for a future test phase.

Instanced dungeons will not be available in this Alpha, but, we do have overworld dungeons for you to play in with your friends. 

Some of the class specializations have been locked for this Alpha -- We want to spend more time improving them before we play test them. You will however, have a choice between a tank, dps, and healer mode to play so that you can take out content together in a reasonable MMO fashion. Blade Master and Essence Mage are both available to play.


How do I get fat loot?

Loot can be obtained throughout the world from enemies, chests and vendors. We will let you discover this by yourself though as we wouldn't want to spoil the fun. Keep a look out for vendors ;). 

There are also world bosses around the world which can have higher chances of wonderful loot -- Look out for the world events where you can face some of these monstrosities.

Armor you equip will be unique and you can switch around to different armor you like, when you like, but be careful about what armor you sell to the vendor for now because the vendor won't want to sell it back to you.


What platforms will I be able to play the Alpha on? 

We support PCVR headsets and Quest / Quest 2 standalone or Quest / Quest 2 tethered for this playtest. 


What are the Alpha dates again?

Here's an infographic overview of the dates:

On May 1st and May 2nd we have the preview weekend for Kickstarter backers and OG founders - it is under NDA and not open for streaming or sharing information on.

Early Bird alpha starts on May 3rd and ends on May 9th! The second Alpha will start in mid June so we get a bit of time to fix up any underlying issues we find.  

Closer to the release date, we will have a link for you to download the game available in the skywave portal. If you have a serial key and haven't set up yet, you can do that at https://skywave.zenithmmo.com/ 


Thanks for helping us test and improve Zenith, we couldn't make it happen without you. We hope you enjoy exploring the world with your friends... 

See you in-game!