You’re Invited! Hangout with us for 30 min & Earn Referral Points

You’re Invited! Hangout with us for 30 min & Earn Referral Points

Hello Agents!

upcoming minor patch involves a LOT of updates to our core server tech, and we need you to help “load test”, aka push our tech to the limit!

On Thursday, May 26th from 12-2pm PST, any player who participates for at least 30 minutes will receive 2 referral points on their main account. Meet us in the Nexus District where we’ll have a few events, and maybe even a Q&A with the dev team! 😉


  • WHEN: Thursday, May 26 from 12-2pm PST
  • WHERE: Nexus District on the PTR build
  • WHY: Help us make the game more stable, hang out with the devs, free referral points
  • WHO: You! Plus the dev team

Public release for the minor patch was tentatively scheduled to go out today, but with the bug findings from the load test earlier this week, we hope to release within a week or so instead. Your participation in the load test is helping us get there!

Count me in! How do I join?

Getting set up only takes a few minutes. To join the load test, you’ll need to switch to the Public Test Realm (PTR) build for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest/2, or Steam (no PSVR, sorry!). 

Oculus Rift/Quest

  • Navigate to the Oculus store page on your computer or phone.
  • Tap/click on the version number.
  • Change to the channel named “PTR” and the app will update on your device.


  • Navigate to the game in your Steam library.
  • Right click on Zenith > Properties > Betas.
  • From the drop down, select “public test realm”.

Once you have the PTR build installed, boot up the game, head to the Nexus District and hang out for half an hour (or more!). Nothing you do in PTR will affect your live characters, so go nuts!

Some of you might also see a button that will let you copy a real character into the PTR, but again, changes there don’t affect the real character. What happens in PTR stays in PTR.

After the Load Test:

When you’re done hanging out and want to go back to the live game, uninstall the game, change your version/channel back to LIVE, then reinstall.

How do I claim my referral points? ✨

We will track who played during the load tests and award the points to your real account automatically sometime in the next week. People who played in the first test earlier this week got 1 point, and the second test happening this Thursday is worth 2 points. (That’s enough to get a couple pieces of Beater Gear!)

Bugs, I Found Them 🐞

The most important part is hanging out in the Nexus District for half an hour, but if you do come across a bug, we encourage you to report it here:


We'll be back again very soon with an exciting update 👀 stay tuned!