Zenith Alpha 2 timelines and content reveals

Zenith Alpha 2 timelines and content reveals

Hi Zenithean, 

We’ve been heads down introducing lots of new systems and getting Alpha 2 ready, however, to make the experience in Alpha 2 enjoyable and high quality, we need to iron out some features, which means we need to move the date of Alpha 2 to be July 24th - 1st August.

This was a hard decision to make but we want to do right by you all as the ones who will spend your time playing -- We want you to have the best experience possible. I know some of you have planned around the dates and will need to change them and we are sorry for that. To help you I shared the timeline below so you can plan ahead .

Here's some of the things we are focusing on:
- instanced dungeons
- content across zones
- richer quests and social systems
- class skill types and improvements
- taking advantage of flight in some new ways
- the environment
- class stability
- combat stability

This also means key giveaways will be extended by 2 weeks as well.

To make sure we keep you updated on everything we are adding, we'll start revealing to you some of the changes that we are making over the next 4 weeks. Our first reveal has just been released -- Here’s the link:
Gliding quests & Drafts - Raw playthrough

Reveals are released on our discord community regularly

Thank you everyone for your patience 🙏