Zenith Godstone Revamp

Zenith Godstone Revamp

Attention, Zenitheans!

Exciting changes are on the horizon for the Godstone system
, and we value your input! Based on your feedback, we're revamping the system to make it clearer, more customizable, and more thrilling.

've observed that our current Godstone system can be confusing for both new and experienced players. It lacks a clear representation of skill progression and does not provide enough freedom in selecting skills and upgrades. Therefore, our plan is to transition to a more familiar skill tree system.

The objective of this revamp is to leverage the existing underlying systems and features related to Godstones as much as possible
, while presenting them in a transparent manner that prioritizes player agency. Additionally, we'll continue addressing any remaining issues with Godstones and modifiers to prepare for this update.

're still exploring different options, and please note that these are very subject to change.

However, here's what we are currently considering:

What we're planning to keep:

  • The Godstone abilities you know and love.
  • Major and Minor modifier nodes, but with different unlock mechanics.
  • Overall progression based on XP.
What might change:
  • A fresh layout for the Godstone menu to ensure a more engaging and intuitive experience.
  • New thresholds for ability unlocks, providing more elective decision opportunities as you progress.
  • Revamped process for unlocking and upgrading modifier nodes, giving you more control.
  • Introduction of a re-spec option for each node/ability, offering greater flexibility.
  • Potentially, the addition of new Major/Minor nodes to enhance choice and build diversity (but fixing existing ones takes precedence).
We understand that this change may impact your current enjoyment of Zenith. However, please be assured that regardless of the choices we make, we will always prioritize "respecting the grind." This means that high-level characters will still maintain an edge based on their hard-earned progress.

We very much value your feedback
. So please join us on this journey by participating in this survey to help us create an amazing revamp: https://zenithmmo.typeform.com/godstone