Free to Play Zenith: Infinite Realms Launches February 27

Free to Play Zenith: Infinite Realms Launches February 27

Beta Date: February 17, 2024
Release Date: February 27, 2024

We're excited to announce Infinite Realms, our new season-based free to play action-adventure RPG game mode is launching on Tuesday, February 27th! At launch, the store app will update to Zenith: Nexus which will have the two game modes: Infinite Realms (Free to Play) and The Last City (DLC).

Infinite Realms will launch for Meta and Steam on February 27th. For Sony players, Infinite Realms will be available to current TLC players on February 27th. The full free to play release on Sony is TBA, stay tuned!

In preparation of the launch, Zenith will be delisted from the Meta store at 10:00AM PT on Monday, February 26th. Current Meta players can still access and play The Last City while the store page is delisted.

Infinite Realms Launch Trailer

Feature Overview

Slash mobs with magic and race across parkour challenges in quick session-based runs. Meet up with other players in the city to upgrade your gear or just hangout and shoot hoops before your next run! Sessions stays fresh with daily and weekly content rotations.



City Plaza: The central hub for Infinite Realms. You can talk to a familiar NPC near the center to get some guidance. There are also several touchstones to help you learn about the new mechanics. Around the city you'll find agent rank challenges, vendors, gear upgrade stations, and hangout areas.

Fractured Worlds: Beyond the Iron, Silver, and Pandowl gates, different floating worlds await. The more mobs you bring down while on your run, the richer the rewards! Pandowl gate content will rotate daily while the Iron and Silver gate content rotates roughly on a weekly basis. Behind the Scenes: Procedural Magic Behind Infinite Realms



Revamped Player Abilities: With a flick of your wrist, unleash Tempest Blades, a razor-sharp disk made of pure energy. Unlock the fire and ice modifiers in your skill tree for more powerful strikes.

As you level up, you’ll unlock more modifiers and gesture abilities. Channel your essence to push away mobs, steer a magical spear or throw orbs of magic.


Parkour: Jump, rail grind, slide, and climb your way around sessions.

Shared XP and Level Scaling: In each session run XP is shared among the group. No need to worry if you're a different level from your groupmates, mob difficulty will scale uniquely to you.

Release Notes

Infinite Realms Content
  • The new Zennies shop in the city is currently available on Meta. This will become available for Steam and PS VR2 players at a later time (TBA).
Thank you for your support! For those who owned The Last City before IR launches, you'll get these perks:
  • You can receive a one-time free level boost equivalent to your highest-level character in TLC. On first-load in on a new character in Infinite Realms you'll get a pop up for a level boost. Please note: accepting the offer applies the boosting to that character only and cannot be used again; declining the offer means it won't be available for that character in the future. The pop-up will reappear on your next new character.
  • Once you accept the level boost, you'll also have new level appropriate gear in your inventory.
  • As an extra thank you, a set of premium cosmetic will be available in your Cosmetics inventory on your IR characters. This is separate from the level boost.

The Last City Updates & Resolved Issues

  • New hair styles are available!
  • All damage numbers appear directly on the enemies now instead of above the health bar
  • Improved networking code to reduce latency. In the average case you should see a reduction in network delay (round trip time) by at least 50%
  • Fixed sylphids T-posing in the Infernal Core
  • Fixed issues with the Arboruht world boss fight introduced in the Might and Mastery update

Hotfix 1

  • Fixed an issue with placing players into shards which resulted in players being logged into suboptimal shards for their region
  • Fixed an issue with rewards and the portal back to the city sporadically not appearing when completing a session in Infinite Realms
  • Fixed UI for TLC game mode showing as locked when you already own it on Rift
  • Fixed TLC game mode sometimes showing as locked on PS5

Hotfix 2 

  • Memory leak fixes on the server-side
  • Fixed a UI issue where some stats were displayed 100x in TLC and IR
  • Resolved issues with the premium cosmetics shop in IR. The shop is now available for Meta users and will be enabled for Steam and PS5 at a later time
  • Raised dropped item equip level cap to +5 in IR
  • Raised the equippable item level cap to +5 in IR
  • Item power cap, max equip level range, and Item Stats Level Ranges are increased to allow for 5 levels above 100 for max rarity items in IR
  • Decreased the max amount players can increase enemy levels by using the Level Scaling session modifier to +5 in IR

    Hotfix 3

    • Fixed Telos arm bracers doing too much burst damage when destroyed
    • Fixed some erroneous stat calculations, notably affecting the Godly ability
    • Fixed some issues when switching between shards, especially when queueing into raids in TLC, potentially resulting in a "Character took too long to load" error
    • Fixed missing VFX for some fire-based abilities in IR
    • Fixed skill tree augment slots not showing up in TLC
    • Fixed Outlaw Grove being pink on Quest
    • Fixed an issue where you could be kicked back to the main menu when attempting to switch to an instance on a different shard
    • Greatly reduced possibility of the city geometry unloading when attempting to switch to an instance on a different shard, which could result in you falling through the world
    • Improved issues with vivox not working in IR after switching to an instance on a different shard
    • Made improvements on Quest 2 and Quest 3 regarding city unloading geometry when switching to an instance on a different shard
    • Memory improvements that helps devices encountering not enough memory to run Zenith


    Mid-Season Update

    Release Date: March 14, 2024
    Patch Number: 2.1.0
    We're excited to bring a mid-season update for Infinite Realms that comes with fresh content, two new premium cosmetic sets, and various bug fixes

    New Content

    • Added 3 new Daily Pandowl Gate Layouts featuring 2 new possible mini boss events
    • Added 2 new Adventure Gate Forest Layouts
    • Added new Toxic Alchemist and Berserk Mecha Premium Cosmetic Sets
    • Added new leaderboard to daily session gates and updated main session and boss rush leaderboards with new title rewards
    • Added text signs above city gates to help direct players

    Feature/System Updates

    • Premium cosmetic store is now enabled for Steam
    • Updated arrow item description text to mention tapping trigger to switch arrows
    • Swapped Adventure run and Boss Rush. The Adventure run is now behind the Iron Gate and Boss Rush is now behind the Silver gate
    • Adjusted item comparison UI layout

    Resolved Issues

    • Fixed various memory leaks
    • General improvements for server stability
    • Updated handling of "Spawn projectiles on impact" modifiers to reduce possibility of additional spawned projectiles getting stuck in the air.
    • Fixed "Spawn extra projectiles" modifiers doubling the number of projectiles for each modifier present, instead of adding one projectile
    • Fixed potential issue that could occur when closing the game through any means other than the in-game exit button when playing on Windows/PCVR
    • Fixed Ice Spear damage being lower than intended
    • Fixed Essence Spear projectile on impact projectiles going over enemies
    • Fixed Fire Spear visuals not scaling correctly
    • Fixed Limited Resurrection Session Modifier Rewards chests not spawning
    • Fixed an issue which resulted in move speed modifier values being 100x intended values
    • Fixed mini bosses in Pandowl Gate Public Events not dropping loot
    • Fixed incorrect icons being shown when comparing items
    • Fixed incorrect information being shown when hovering over Cosmetic Items
    • Fixed visual issues on left hand of Shin Cosmetic Armor
    • Fixed issues with some legendary armor being invisible
    • Fixed tooltip on mana potion showing "rage"

    Known Issues

    • If you have the bald hairstyle and play out of body mode it’ll show you without a head
    • Infinite Realms
      • Rare grapple hook momentum bug where momentum stops while grappling
      • Some headgear doesn’t preview in inventory
      • The PVP start duel button isn't working
    • The Last City
      • Lighting in certain areas will be slightly off like in the Infernal Core (some geo is black), and housing on PCVR, and shading on some objects from certain angles or at specific times of day
      • Housing will show a grid on initial load in. The grid will continue to show if the house doesn't have a floor
      • We are aware of an issue with buffs and debuffs that can result in your movement controls being inverted.