Zenith: The Last City now available on PS VR2!

Zenith: The Last City now available on PS VR2!

The PlayStation VR2 just released on February 22, and we have exciting news for you -- Zenith: The Last City is available on PS VR2 as a launch day title!

Zenith is a massively multiplayer online world built for VR, inspired by our favorite JRPGs, MMOs, and more. Since its launch in early 2022, Zenith has been a top-selling game on Steam, Oculus, and PS VR, and now it's available on PS VR2.

To celebrate the release, we have a brand new trailer that showcases gameplay and gives you a glimpse of the immersive experience that Zenith offers.

We have also been working hard to make sure that players are able to take advantage of the new PS VR2 features while playing Zenith. Our blog post on Sony's website discusses how we are utilizing these new features to create an even more immersive experience for our players.

But that's not all. We have a new patch, Major 1.3, coming soon that is going to add in the highly anticipated Cyber Ninja class, new life skills, updates to core combat, immersion improvements, player housing, a new enemy type, and more.

With all these exciting updates and new features, there's never been a better time to jump into Zenith and join the adventure. 

Click here to pick up your copy of Zenith for PS VR2, and we'll see you in game!