Vorpal Strike

Burning Brand


The Blade Master imbues their bodies and physical weapons with essence to augment a lifetime of physical combat training. Using their abilities and skills, they can overwhelm their opponents with physical onslaughts, shield their party members, or even support them with curative abilities and passive effects, giving this class the ability to fulfill the role of a damage dealer, tank or healer.

This dynamic class uses two weapons to execute skills using physical gestures. Some skills require both swords, while others are executed with just one. Combat feels fluid, strategic, and fast-paced -- almost dancelike.

"As the monster bore down on her teammates, she threw herself in front of them, blocking it with both blades. Her force of will caused an overflow of essence to transfer into the blades, and with a single burst she uncrossed them and knocked the monster to the ground. She advanced, knocking it down again and again as her teammates looked on, stunned. When all was said and done, Rin had pushed the monster back almost 100 meters before it fell.

When word got around Zenith, people started referring to her as “Rin the Ram”, the fearsome Blade Master who led the charge. When asked about it, she usually just shrugs and says, “Anything for my friends.”"