Stacking Arrow

Glacial Arrow

Kama Cadence

The Cyber Ninja is a fusion of magic and technology with the sole purpose of taking down enemies with stealth and precision (often using their array of gadgets to get the job done in style). For enemies at a distance, the Cyber Ninja can pull back a charged shot with its bow and take an enemy out before it even notices them. The bow can also swap to a pair of Kamas, allowing the Cyber Ninja to fight enemies in melee range, with their strikes getting more powerful with each calculated attack. The Cyber Ninja can also duck into stealth using its smoke bomb, allowing the class to attack unsuspecting enemies from behind or escape to safety.

"Nobu waited patiently for his prey, a monster tainted by Sidion's touch. Following the beast's trail was easy as its corruption emitted a faint light. When his trap worked and the beast charged, Nobu swiftly powered up his bow and fired. As the beast lay dying, Nobu thought of his duty to restore balance to the natural order and rid the world of Sidion."