Our Team

The Squad


Environment Artist

Jessica has always been that person to stop in the middle of a game and look at the roses. A self taught artist who started out in the VR industry, she is very passionate about the environments she creates and who they are for. Creating 3D art has always been the perfect blend of her love for art, games, and technology. When she’s not moving cubes around, she enjoys playing instruments, watching anime, and thrifting.

Favorite Games:

Fallout Series, Binding of Isaac, The Sims, Zelda Series

Jordan C

Composer & Sound Designer

Raised on a steady diet of 90’s RPG’s, anime, and progressive rock epics, Jordan has always been fascinated with storytelling. A native of San Jose, CA, he’s devoted himself to telling stories with music and sound. As a longtime gamer and musician, creating game audio helps to feed two of his major passions in life. All of this started back when, for a school project, he made a game about fighting a dragon that had interrupted math class. Now that’s just a regular weekday. When he’s not composing or writing raps, he enjoys painting Warhammer miniatures, scoping out new places to eat, and playing with his dog. 

Favorite Games:

Final Fantasy VII, Diablo II, Bloodborne, Starcraft, Resident Evil 5, Persona 4

Jordan J

Software Engineer

Jordan was captivated from the idea of VR from when he first discovered it. Starting off with VR modding communities and smaller open source projects, he grew to work on bigger tools and utilities for VR. Since joining Ramen VR, he has primarily worked on gameplay features, networking, and server backend development. Some of his hobbies outside of VR include playing guitar, video editing, and experimenting with random new features at 3AM while everyone is asleep.

Favorite Games:
Beat Saber, Until You Fall, Guild Wars 2, Mirror’s Edge


Concept Artist

Starting out with a background in comics and storyboarding, Katherine pivoted her career and became a concept artist and illustrator for video games. Concept art encapsulates her interest in world-building, visual storytelling, and design. Her hobbies outside of art and video games include D&D, cooking, watching Hayao Miyazaki films, reading, watching mysteries and psychological thrillers, playing guitar, and creative writing.

Favorite Games:

Persona 5, Silent Hill 2, Fire Emblem series, The Last of Us, NieR: Automata, Zelda series, Phoenix Wright, Zero Escape, Metal Gear Solid 3


Game Designer

Gaming since he was a wee lad, Colin grew up on a diet of DOS and Nintendo Games. Having worked in the industry for over ten years on games such as Rift, Atlas Reactor, Trove, and Atlas Rogues, Colin was ready to make the plunge into the next challenge: Virtual Reality and the chance to design a VR MMO. As an avid MMOer with fond memories of falling to his death in Kelethin and defeating the Lich King, Colin is excited to work on a new chapter of MMO games, one with exciting possibilities and untold potential.

Favorite Games:

Master of Magic, Tribes, Savage, Jedi Knights, Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate, Secret of Mana, Everquest, Warhammer: AOR, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Destiny, Guild Wars, half of the Final Fantasies, Tales of Symphonia, Slay the Spire, Hades, Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Sekiro.


Marketing and UI Developer

Adam acquired his creative spark from video editing at a young age. In his teenage years he took an interest in VR at its early stages and got involved in making content for VR through modding communities. At RamenVR he focuses on creating rich marketing content alongside game development. Adam is an avid reader, enjoys listening to indie music and expanding his tea collection.

Favorite Games:

Tetris, Spelunky, Audica



When Andy was a kid, he said he was going to make a living playing games. Fam laughed at him and it got him so mad that he decided to spite everyone by dedicating his life to working on games.

With a background as both a Software Engineer and a Product Manager, Andy has worked on some of the most successful mobile and Facebook games of the past decade, but nothing has him more excited than Zenith and VR!

Favorite Games
Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy 7, NieR: Automata, Star Craft, DOTA AllStars, Diablo II



Lauren was everyone's favorite type of technical whiz kid: the one who takes electronics apart, lays out the pieces, then gets bored and plays video games while you swear under your breath and try to rebuild your VCR. After graduating from UPenn with a Master's in Computer Science she worked for companies like Google and Unity before deciding to make the leap into game development full time. She enjoys solving hard engineering problems in gaming, but if games don't work out she's also a Shakespearean actor and light opera singer, so at least there's a fallback career option.

Favorite Games
Final Fantasy XIV, NieR: Automata, Skyrim, Overwatch

Rob Bedford


Rob is a newcomer to the game dev scene, and has been learning more than should be possible in his role as a part time QA, part-time Ops, part-time documentation writer.On the other hand, Rob has been playing games for a long time and remembers back in the day you copied game code taken from the back pages of a COMPUTE! Magazine.

Favorite Games:

ARK (embarassing number of hours in this game), Oxygen Not Included, World of Warcraft Classic, Wing Commander: Privateer and Final Fantasy (NES) [Let’s not mention my new Valheim addiction]