Ascension Update

Ascension Update

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Patch Number: 1.3.4
Alpha Date: September 14, 2023
Beta Date: September 22, 2023
Release Date: September 28, 2023
We're excited to announce the Ascension update featuring an epic new encounter of Sae Jiko, a revamped introductory experience, and various godstone fixes.

New Content

  • Added the new Ascended Sae Jiko Raid Boss:
Barely escaping death, Sae Jiko, leader of the Skyland Exiled forces, mounts her final defense against the Zenithean Agents inside the Essotech Citadel. The hopes and dreams of The Exiled rest on her shoulders, but the ambition of The Last City knows no bounds. Rise to the occasion, defeat the Ascended Sae Jiko!
  • Accept the new "True Citadel" quest from the "Ascended" NPC in the Skyland Citadel Courtyard area to unlock the "Essotech Citadel" Raid!

    • Added new Essotech armor sets for all classes that accompany the weapons introduced in 1.3.3


    Feature/System Updates

    • Added the Skyland prologue, a swift and seamless flow that teaches new players the basics so they can jump into action faster! Highlighting gliding, grappling hook and basic combat.
      Note: At launch only a portion of users will get the revamped introductory experience. During Alpha/Beta the new experience will be enabled for everyone
    • Rearranged points of interest in the Skyland base camp and added late game crafting stations
    • Invulnerability/unstaggerability is readable on enemy nameplates now
    • Damage numbers on invulnerable enemies show 0 now
    • Removed Sae Jiko's VO repeating on hit
    • Changed the base body outfit style to athletic wear
    • Made Sae Jiko hookshot projectile face direction of travel
    • Reduced infusion costs for Essotech Weapon. Anyone previously who completed the infusion will have the difference refunded to their overflow inventory. A message will pop when you first open the game.
    In preparation of the godstone revamp, the team made various fixes to existing godstones to better match their descriptions and intended effects.
    • Fixed Ghost Step status effect so it matches its description
    • Fixed Rip and Tear upgrade on Sunder godstone never giving a multistrike
    • Fixed Protectors Vow giving incorrect amount of shield
    • Fixed Pillar Of Earth godstone not knocking back enemies
    • Fixed Foe Seeker threat effect to apply 40% as described
    • Wither and Rot - Changed description from "drain" to "slow"
    • Divine Favors - Changed the description of the modifier on Divine Blade to accurately reflect what is going on
    • Aether Spark - Removed overtime effect from charge 2 effects and removed self modifier from charge 3 heal
    • Amara's Radiance - Changed description to say 16m radius instead of 6m
    • Cleave - Changed description from deal 100% to 130%
    • Siphonic Arrows - Changed normal arrow effect from armor debuff to 2% heal
    • Armbreaker - Attack speed was reduced by 0%, changed to 30%
    • Divine Shift - Changed description from 5% to 15%
    • Glacial Orb - Changed description from 150% to 180%
    • Inevitable Demise - Changed stagger amount from 90% to 100%
    • Massive Icicle - Changed lower attack effect from 10% to 25%
    • Changed modifier max updates to be calculated more accurately

    Resolved Issues

    • Performance, memory and networking improvements
    • Fixed food tooltip calculations to more accurately reflect the actual behavior of eating the food.
    • Fixed Sae Jiko music persisting outside the arena
    • Fixed blown out lighting on training dummies and cooking stations
    • Fixed players loading in crouched sometimes
    • Fixed Essotech Weapon quest not being repeatable
    • Fixed issues with some users not being able to claim the Essotech Weapon and Kojika pet quest rewards. The quests are now abandonable so if you were impacted by this bug, please abandon and re-accept the quests
    • Reduced infusion costs for Essotech Weapon
    • Fixed the bug where inventory items randomly disappeared for some users
    • Fixed status effects randomly disappearing

    Known Issues

    • If all players wipe from Ascended Sae Jiko's intro animation, she gets stuck staggered (invulnerable)

    Update 1

    • Fixed Rasken not appearing in plains for those on the new tutorial experience
    • Fixed pet and recipe books not being claimable (holding them outside your inventory)