Get a set of Booster Gear for Referring Friends to Zenith's Discord!

Get a set of Booster Gear for Referring Friends to Zenith's Discord!
We're excited to introduce our new Discord referral program! Invite all your friends to join the Zenith Discord and earn exclusive cosmetics like a full set of Booster Gear cosmetic armor & a title!

How to Get Started:

  1. Join our Discord: 
  2. Go to the #referral-commands channel
  3. Enter /reflink to get started
NOTE: If you participated in the 1.3 Alpha 1 Booster Gear campaign, you do not need to start your referrals over - your progress will pick up from where it left off. However, you need to still follow the setups listed above to get started. 

    How to Get Referrals:

    • Share your personal Zenith Referral Link generated by the bot. Normal Discord Invite Links won't work!
    • Every friend who joins the server through your link will count as a referral!
    • If you didn't get credit — ask friends to use the /referredby command to manually link

    You can view your current score with /refstats
    The leaderboard is at


    Every new friend you refer to the discord with your personal link will get you +1 Booster Token

    How to Claim Rewards In Game:

    After Skyward Summit is released, you can claim your cosmetic rewards by doing the following:

    • Bind your Discord account to your Skywave account: (under Settings)
    • You will be able to pick up your Booster Gear in the store located in the city near Brimm the NPC.
    • The < Boosted > title will be granted to your account automatically.

    Program Rules:

    You will be banned and blacklisted if you cheat — for example:
    • Never post referral links in discords or other channels you aren't an admin of.
    • Do not use extra accounts for extra referrals.
    • Unsolicited DMs to get more referrals will get you banned.
    Want to get extra cosmetics for referring your friends to buy Zenith? Check out our in-game referral program!