Get a set of Beater Gear for Referring Friends to Zenith!

Get a set of Beater Gear for Referring Friends to Zenith!

Today’s blog-post is going to be highlighting our in-game referral program! Invite all your friends to join the world of Zenith and earn the exclusive Beater Gear cosmetics.

How to Get Started:

  1. Login to Zenith on your VR device 
  2. Open the in-game menu and click the “Social” icon 
  3. Look to the left to see your code and current referral points

How to Get Referrals:

  • Share your personal Zenith Referral Code with friends and family!
  • Every friend who joins the game and uses your code will count as a referral!
  • To get the referral points, make sure your friends use your code in the “referral code” section when they’re setting up their Skywave account. When they enter your referral code in that text box, you will both be awarded with 1 referral point!
  • You can also get a point by linking your discord with your Skywave Account.

Zenith Skywave Signup


Zenith Referral Progression

The Beater gear is made up of 5 different cosmetic tiers:

  • Helmet: Acquired after 1 referral.
  • Chest: Acquired after 2 referrals.
  • Legs & Boots: Acquired after 4 referrals.
  • Robes: Acquired after 7 referrals.
  • Sword: Acquired after 10 referrals.

How to Claim Rewards In Game:

  • Pick up your beater gear in the store located in the city near Brimm the NPC

Want to get extra cosmetics for referring your friends to discord? Check out our discord referral program