Introducing - The Cyber Ninja!

Introducing - The Cyber Ninja!

The Cyber Ninja is a fusion of magic and technology with the sole purpose of taking down enemies with stealth and precision (often using their array of gadgets to get the job done in style). For enemies at a distance, the cyberninja can pull back a charged shot with its bow and take an enemy out before it even notices them.

The hookshot (still experimental and might change) gives the cyberninja a whole new type of mobility, being able to quickly pull itself towards an enemy for example, drop an explosive, then hookshot to a wall to quickly get out of the way before the explosive turns the monster into a pile of ash.

We hope you’re as excited about the third class as we are, we think it’s going to add a completely new way of approaching combat in Zenith. We have a lot more that we’re in the process of experimenting with and iterating on to make sure it truly is as fun and addicting to play as the other classes, so unfortunately we don’t yet have an exact release date for it and haven’t set everything in stone (so just know everything is subject to change at this point). Stay tuned though as we’ll be teasing a lot more of its abilities, features, gadgets, etc. in the future!

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Waiting in anticipation for his prey, Nobu calmly hid underneath the shadows of a large tree, and observed the entrance of the cave. The local village hired him to hunt down a monster tainted by Sidion's touch. Following the trail of the beast was a facile task; the corrupted essence emitted a faint light in the night's darkness. Despite being imbued with corruption, the beasts still had their animalistic patterns and lairs; this transformation wasn’t strong enough to fully consume their base instincts.

The inhuman roar of agony combined with whirring aethertech alerted Nobu; his trap worked. He loosened his first arrow towards the sound in the darkness. There was a roar followed by a loud thud. Now, there would be no hiding from Nobu as his arrow marked the prey. Just as his master had taught him: preparation is essential to victory. He swiftly powered up another arrow as the beast recovered and charged towards him

In the cave, the beast might have stood a fighting chance; a lucky tusk or blast of corrupted essence could have caught Nobu unaware. But out in the clearing on Nobu's terms, the beast was already dead before the battle began. He couldn't help but feel sorry for the creature as it lurched closer.  His cybernetic visor tracked the myriad of arrows that protruded from the creature’s weak points.  Nobu took one last breath as the beast closed in; the gentle hum of his weapon ignited, signifying the end.

Nobu sighs to himself as he picks up the beast's horn, sizzling hot after being sawed off as a bounty's mark. He thinks back to his master's tales of their proud order, once said to walk side by side with creatures of legend yet now forced to hunt them down. Nobu kneels in front of the beast and recites the pledge that he made to his master so many years ago, almost as an apology. He WILL restore balance to the natural order and cleanse Sidion from existence once and for all.