Zenith Post Mortem, Roadmap, and Third Class Reveal!

Zenith Post Mortem, Roadmap, and Third Class Reveal!

It's Dangerous To Go Alone!

We cannot thank you enough for believing in what we’re building with Zenith. We know we have a long way to go (at least until we reach where WE want Zenith to be), but we’re just getting started and this journey of building Zenith is going to be so much better with all of you a part of it! We are absolutely blown away by how much love and support you’ve already shown and it has encouraged and motivated us to want to work even harder to make Zenith not only our dream game, but yours also.

Listening and Transparency

Transparency and Doing Right By The Player is a core tenet of Ramen VR’s DNA and we’ll always do our best to share everything we’re working on. At the same time, our biggest strength is our ability to change directions quickly based on community feedback, so we will not project our complete long term roadmap as it’s constantly changing and shifting. Understand that we just want to be careful about creating expectations that may change.

We will, however, strive to confirm all of the features that will eventually be in Zenith, just understand that we can’t always commit to an exact timeline. 

Anyway, it’s been one crazy and exciting adventure already launching Zenith and we’re excited to show you just a little of what we’ve been working on now:

Completed Already Post Launch

- Server stabilization and increased capacity:

With crazy high numbers of people logging into Zenith all on launch day, our team worked around the clock to balance and optimize server loads and also handle elusive scaling issues that no amount of load testing was able to reveal beforehand. We also increased capacity by 15% per server.

Remove Shard Locking 

We then pushed out an update that removed shard locking so that players could more easily join different servers that their friends were on or switch servers for other reasons if they wanted without needing to wait 24 hours.

- Fixed multiple voice chat and login issues

Though there’s still some things we’re working on, the most glaring voice chat and login issues have been resolved. We’re now seeing the vast majority of people getting in the game when they want to play and having a smooth experience.

By the way, if you had submitted a support ticket, we just want to thank you for your patience as we tried to work through those as fast as possible, but couldn’t often respond as quickly as we would have liked. In just the first couple days, we received over 3,000 support tickets and we were also working around the clock to help everyone as quickly as possible. This week, we hired an additional support agent to help get that response time lower.


Minor Content Update Coming This Month 

- In Game Alerts

We know it’s frustrating when a server restarts while you’re in-game because you didn’t get the notification on Twitter or our Discord about it happening (all the sudden, your hands just freeze in an awkward position because the server is offline). We’ve built out a new system for in-game alerts so we’ll now be able to communicate better to players with important, time sensitive updates.

- New Quests

We’ve added 23 new sidequests including quests in each biome to make leveling up more fun and diverse.

- Reworked Quests

We completely re-worked the quest line and tutorials for the fractured plains to be easier to understand for people just getting into the game and to be a bit less grindy.

- New Armor Tier

We’ve added a new tier of endgame armor and weapons that will give players something new to work towards obtaining in the end game. 

- Arboruht Tuning

Tuned the Arboruht balance to make him both more challenging, fun and to give out better feedback while battling.

- Fixed several armor visual glitches

- Improved Animations

Upgraded and tweaked animations of the quest NPCs to bring out more of each character’s distinct personality

- Fixed Crossbuy Issue

Fixed an issue with a very small percentage of cross-buy users who were unable to access the Rift version of the game

-UI Improvements

Made improvements to the UI to make progression clearer and explain certain things that were a bit confusing.

- Misc Improvements

Lots of other general stability and quality of life improvements and game balance. 

As mentioned before, we’re just getting started with Zenith and have SO much we’ll be working on this year that we’re excited to show you soon. This is subject to change, but currently here’s a quick overview of what we have

Planned in 2022:

- Player Housing

- Additional lifeskills & crafting.

- More end game content

- The third class (The Cyber Ninja)!

- And Much Much More!

We’ll try to do updates like this as often as we can. Thank you again for believing in what we’re building with Zenith. We’re a small team with huge dreams and ambitions for Zenith and it’s only with your support that we’ve gotten this far. Please continue to give us ideas, feedback and bug reports on https://feedback.zenithmmo.com/ and by filling out the surveys that we send out regularly to different groups.

Thank you for an amazing launch! We hope to see you in-game soon!