Might and Mastery

Might and Mastery
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Patch Number: 1.4
Alpha Date: September 28, 2023
Beta Date: October 4, 2023
Release Date: October 10, 2023
We're thrilled to announce our next big update: Might and Mastery featuring the brand new Skill Tree system, leaderboards, improvements to early game content in Skyland, bug fixes, and more!
Earn Rewards:
  • We're hosting a load test on beta from 10:00 - 11:00AM PST on Fri, 10/6. Play for at least 30 minutes on beta during the load test to earn the Mighty character title.
  • Play on Beta any time for at least 2 hours to earn the Skill Issue character title.
  • Character titles will be granted to live accounts shortly after the Might and Mastery update launches.

New Content

  • Conquer your way to the top with the brand new Leaderboard system in the Skyland base camp!
  • Enjoy the completely revamped Skill Tree system:
    • Visual Progression: Instead of passively unlocking godstones in a list, the new skill tree vividly showcases your journey as you level up.
    • Empowered Choices: You'll have the freedom to explore godstone abilities before making your choice. Even when two godstones compete for a slot, you decide your path. 
    • Deep Dive: Each ability boasts its own branches and nodes. Customize your character to fit your style, with respec options available if you change your mind.
    • Any Unique modifiers you collected will also be carried over to the new system and will become available to equip once you unlock Augments.
    • Existing characters will be converted to the new system and you’ll be awarded points to invest in your skill trees.

Skill Tree Conversion Process

All the Godstones you possess, regardless of their rarity, will have their accumulated XP combined and converted into skill points for the new system. The conversion ratio is such that having a combination of XP equivalent to 3 fully upgraded epic Godstones will maximize the points for that skill tree.
For every maxed Godstone's worth of XP, we also roll for an Augment of the same rarity type, and any Unique modifiers you have collected will be directly carried over to the new system as epic Augments. Augment slots, and Augment drops become available once you max out the skill points for an ability.
For our veteran players who obtained legendary godstones in the first few weeks of launch, their XP will be considered as epics for Augment rolls, and as a special reward, we will also be granting an exclusive title.

Feature/System Updates

  • Mini map now opens/closes with quest HUD
  • Brimm is giving away chips. Try them 🙂
  • Various tuning to the early game in Skylands
    • Reworked main story quest XP and enemy HP / levels / XP rewards for Skyland Lake Ruins area
    • Moved the Wreckage Recovery and Essotech Research quest locations
    • Created a new Main Story Quest in between Essotech Research and Purge the Essotech Corruption
    • Turned the Lake Ruins boss into a public event
    • Decreased defend duration of the Lake & Forest "Drill'n Time" public event
    • Tuned weakpoints on all Skyland enemies
    • Increased hit reaction animation on enemies
    • Adjusted drop rates for crafting materials and gear from enemies and chests in the Lake Ruins and Forest areas
    • Add crafting material drops to Lake Ruins PEs
    • Adjusted grapple hook anchor paths for Lake & landing areas
    • Adjust enemy HP scaling for Lake and Forest areas
    • Adjust Lake Boss HP and damage
    • Gated mainland portal behind housing quest
  • Updated crafting area in Skyland base camp
  • Updated video panels in new tutorial
  • Improved visuals and collisions on rocks in Skyland
  • Underlying work on the base character models
  • Added auto-equip functionality to automatically wear gear that is higher level on pickup, if the gear you had equipped was ilvl 1

Resolved Issues

  • Performance and memory optimizations. Greatly reduced the need for "Freeing Memory"
  • Shard performance improvements
  • Performance optimizations on various character textures
  • Various fixes to the character base model
  • Fixed Skyland reveal music overlapping with other music
  • Fixed out-of-body locomotion not working
  • Fixed tiered gear using incorrect values from its next level tier
  • Fixed some potential issues with accepting the legendary weapon quests from the Surveyor
  • Fixed hit reactions not working on enemies that have destructible armor pieces
  • Fixed hit reactions not working on enemies that are moving

    Hotfix 1

    • On Quest 3, fixed grass not being on by default.
    • On Quest 3, improved flickering occurring for some geometry in Skylands.

    Update 1

    • Fixed ability level ups not working properly. If you experienced a skill getting stuck and not leveling up to max this should now be resolved by getting any amount of XP. If you earned any extra XP for that skill the value has been retained for any future levels for the skill tree system.
    • Fixed Feeding the Army quest from Mika not showing for some players
    • Fixed Social Hub quest from Mika not showing for some players
    • Fixed `Midas` character title not being granted. We're continuing to work on granting titles to those missing it
    • Fixed non-unique augments not being awarded during the conversion for some players
    • Fixed male base body color not working sometimes
    • Various visual fixes on some armor issues like hair clipping, distorted hands, glowing green, incorrect coloring, positioning, etc.
    • Added the name of the items at crafting stations, text colored to match their rarity
    • Fixed issues with enemy HUDs
    • Adjusted LODs in lake ruins
    • Fixed icons for Ferocious, Defensive, Primal, Cunning modifiers in skill tree
    • Fixed icons for Saint and Greater Potential
    • Added and polished Skill Tree SFX
    • Fix newly unlocked agent ranks not assigning themselves in a timely fashion
    • Added statues for Kickstarter backers in the Nexus district. Thank you for your support!
    • Fixed issue that caused ability level up pop ups not showing up sometimes
    • Made quest HUD and mini map always appear on login to better guide players returning to the game
    • Fixed Essence Mage tank laser beams not passing through friends and player AOEs
    • Fixed primary stat UI not updating when enhancing an item
    • Fixed holes around Skyland
    • Fixed neck area for various Cyber Ninja upper body armor appearing in player's view
    • Fixed Skill Tree icons not masking correctly
    • Fixed not being able to jump in shallow water in Lake Ruins
    • Fixed loading for Skill Tree PS VR2 Tooltips
    • Fixed guard HUD color
    • Made matchmaking and quest HUDs hide when you open the skill tree
    • Fixed augment duplicates in agent rank rewards
    • Made inventory the default menu on open to assist newer players

    Update 2

    • More armor visual issues have been repaired (Thank you for the reports!)
    • Texture changes to some waterfalls
    • Lighting fix for Infernal Core and Twilight Athenaeum
    • Fixed skill tree tutorial hand showing up after every login
    • Fix for skill tree flickering when casting magic at the same time as opening it
    • Leaderboard titles have been activated, make sure to stay at the top each reset as your title needs to be maintained! 

    Known Issues

    • When pulling the Skill Tree cord with your right hand while casting an orb, Skill Tree goes crazy
    • Sae Jiko world boss disappearing sometimes randomly
    • Skill tree tutorial hand animation reappears on login
    • Bright lighting in raids like Twilight Athenaeum and Infernal Core
    • Sylphids t-posing in Infernal Core