Introducing Public Test Realms!

Introducing Public Test Realms!

Edit (12/19/2022): We periodically update this blogpost with the most up to date instructions for PTR


Introducing the Zenith Public Test Realm (PTR) program!

What is Public Test Realm (PTR)?

Public Test Realm (PTR) builds are pre-release builds we roll out for testing before going live to the general public. These builds might contain new content sometimes, and other times just bug fixes.

The build may have bugs or other issues but that is the goal: to find as many bugs as possible before shipping the build to everyone.

Typically, PTR builds will have their own separate characters and progress that does not cross over into the live game. If there is an exception where playing on PTR affects your progress on live, we will explicitly state that in our announcements.

Why should I play PTR builds?

If you are interested in seeing the bleeding edge builds and helping improve the game, PTR is a great way to contribute to the community.

Is progress saved on PTR builds?

It depends. The easiest way to tell if your PTR progress will transfer to live is in the naming conventions of the test server:

  • "Prerelease" means player's progress is saved/applies to Live.
  • "PTR", "beta", or "alpha" means progress is not saved.

How do I play on PTR?

Getting set up only takes a few minutes. You’ll just need to switch to the PTR build for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest/2, or Steam. Unfortunately there is no way to run the PTR program on PlayStation at this time.

Once you download and install the PTR build, you're all set!

Oculus Rift/Quest

  • Navigate to Zenith's Oculus store page on your computer or Meta Quest mobile app.
  • Tap/click on the version number.
  • Change to the channel named 'PTR' and the app will update on your device


  • Navigate to the game in your Steam library.
  • Right click on Zenith > Properties > Betas.
  • From the drop down, select 'zenith-ptr'.


What if I want to stop playing a PTR build?

You can always change back to the production build any time. Uninstalling the game, changing your version/channel back to LIVE, then reinstalling works well.


What if I find a bug when playing a PTR build?

Please join our community:, and report bugs on the respective PTR forums bug-reporting and feedback-and-suggestions



Original Blogpost (2/17/2022):

Hey Zenitheans, we’ve got a few exciting updates!

First up, we have a new Hotfix Patch (20999), scheduled for tomorrow (2/18/22)! This patch addresses some of the biggest issues seen in the last patch (freezing, crashing, etc), along with fixing some bugs with Invasion Event rewards and Epic armor. Thank you to everyone who helped by sending bug reports and info over the past week!

Full patch notes can be found here.

Please file all bugs you see at

Today’s PTR build is a bit different from the usual PTR process: we will be officially releasing Hotfix Patch 20999 tomorrow, but if you would like to try it today, we’ll be releasing it on the PTR channels in the next few hours.

In the future, PTR channel builds and official releases will be completely separate from the live game, with their own characters/progress.