Sunsetting the Discord Referral System

Sunsetting the Discord Referral System

Hi Zenitheans,

Today is the day we sunset the Discord based referral system in favor of the new in-game referral system! You will now be able to refer people directly via Zenith by sending them your invite code (you can read the Minor Patch 22028 notes for more info on how it works).

We also want to clarify a couple things about the Discord referrals ending:

1. All referrals from the existing Discord referral system will be migrated to the new system; the bot will be taken OFFLINE for good today.
2. If you bind your Discord account to your Skywave account after the bot goes offline you will still receive the rewards.
3. The “Zenithean Council” Discord role will no longer be obtainable. People who have it will keep it, but no new ones will be assigned.
4. There will be a NEW in-game reward (not announced yet) for those who have 25 points, so if you were almost to 25, don’t worry!
5. The Beater Gear rewards are still available, and still cost the same amount of points as before, no change there.
6. The Skywave Transmission rewards are not affected.

The bot has been really buggy for a while because it's limited by the total number of invite links a Discord server can have, and we've unfortunately hit our max -- this is a Discord API level restriction and there is no way for us to get around it. We'd like to thank everyone who participated, and encourage everyone to continue using the new in-game system when it rolls out next week!

PS: Sono and the GM team have been hard at work coming up with some new community events that will lead to more rewards and points down the line!