The Citadel Update

The Citadel Update
Patch Number: 1.3.3
Beta Date: August 25, 2023
Release Date or Window: August 31, 2023
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We're excited to announce The Citadel Update! This update unveils the arena deep within Skylands, The Citadel, where you'll face off against the Exiled's fierce leader, Sae Jiko.

New Content

  • Added the Citadel arena in Skyland wherein lies a new world boss: Sae Jiko
    What appears to be the primary antagonist is a charismatic Exiled leader who – or so Zenith believes – intends to use the strange resources of the “sky island” against it. Sae Jiko is a sympathetic villain who fights for the disenfranchised, the banished, the thousands cast from Zenith to perish or scratch out a living in Sylphid-infested wilderness. Now, seeing a chance to make a better life for her people, she won’t see it stolen by the city who spit them out.

    Concept Art: Sae Jiko and Armored Suit
  • Added new pet: Kojika
    • Kojika is a brand new Pet that can be obtained as a drop from the Sae Jiko boss fight, or by turning in Marks of Devotion to The Ascended.
  • Added a new weapon for each class, fight Sae Jiko and claim some of The Citadel's power for yourself!
    • Similar to Kojika, these weapons can be obtained as a drop from Sae Jiko directly, or by turning in a number of Marks of Devotion to The Ascended.
EM - Essotech Launcher BM - Essotech Blade CN - Essotech Bow

Feature/System Updates

  • Extending the current Agent Rank to end of January 2024
  • Updated player housing intro quest condition and HUD text

Endgame Updates

As we move towards releasing the new World Boss, Sae Jiko, in the Citadel Update (and to make room for additional end game content in future releases), the team has decided to alter the current path players take to reach Item Level 55. Mainly, in order to assist players old and new in reaching Item Level 55 in a timely manner, rewards from all relevant end game activities are increasing. We appreciate all your feedback thus far on the end game progression!
A more thorough breakdown of these changes can be found below:
  • Rank 1 - Rank 3 Dungeon Instance Complete
    • 4 Marks of Ancients 3 Times Per Day ➝ 6 Marks of Ancients 3 Times Per Day
  • Outlaw Grove Rank 1
    • Swapped from Marks of Ancients to Godstones and Galian Valley appropriate drops, with decreased XP rewards
  • Rank 1 Raid Instances
    • 1 Additional Fractured Token per Instance Complete
  • Rank 2 Raid Instances
    • Unlock Requirements Decreased to 10 Completes Per Instance
    • 1 Additional Celestial Token drop per Instance Complete
  • Twilight Athenaeum Rewards
    • 1 Mark of Twilight Per Complete ➝ 2 Marks of Twilight Per Complete
    • Increased Mark of Twilight weekly cap from 15 ➝ 30 and weekly Legendary quest rewards from 1 ➝ 2
    • Increased rewarded TK runs from 5 ➝ 7 and increased weapon drop rates from 10% ➝ 12%
  • Legendary Weapon Daily Rewards
    • Increased from 1 item per complete ➝ 2 items per complete
  • Expert Roulette Rewards
    • Adjusted to 12 Marks of Ancients & 9 Marks of Thaedris per complete
  • Leveling Roulette Rewards
    • 10 Marks of Ancients per complete ➝ 12 Marks of Ancients per complete
  • Uber Roulette Rewards
    • 2 Marks of Thaedris per complete ➝ 4 Marks of Thaedris per complete
For context, these weapons will begin at Item Level 40, and as of the Citadel Update, can be infused up to Item Level 55 using materials from a variety of endgame activities. These weapons will continue to be relevant moving into a future update, where the infusion limit will be raised to Item Level 60, and once fully infused will be used to synth a brand new Tier 3 Ascended Legendary weapon.
That's all the information we can give for now, though stay tuned for more info closer to future updates. Feel free to direct any feedback to the forums in our Discord!

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed public event HUD timers sticking around for too long
  • Fixed player abilities being unequipped randomly
  • Potential fix on some sub-accounts on shared quest headsets being unable to play the game due to an unpack error
  • Fixed a bug with Cyber Ninjas' Assassin Strike ability that allowed unintended advantages. This has been resolved as part of ongoing efforts to ensure a balanced gameplay experience. In addition, we are making progress in prototyping the new skill tree system and will share more once we have an update.


    Hotfix 1

    • Fixed Sae Jiko being invisible for some players
    • Fixed rewards not dropping for events
    • Fixed Sae Jiko getting staggered while doing the pillar jump
    • Fixed Citadel arena pillars staying up when the event is failed
    • Improved shard stability (decreased memory usage and better performance on the client side)
    • Tuned Sae's health and scaling difficulty. She was previously able to get 320% health (!) in very large groups
    • EM Essotech Weapons incorrectly dropped Legendary modifiers for a very small set of users. This will be corrected on next login where the modifier will be rerolled with the appropriate one


    Update 1

    • Added respawn points all across Skyland to fix some players respawning in Citadel Arena
    • Fixed Kojika staying sad after petting them
    • Removed collision on hookshot anchors in the Citadel Arena
    • Fixed collision on geo in the Citadel Arena
    • Removed scaling from Sae Jiko and Arboruht based on player count. Sae Jiko WB now has slightly higher base HP/Damage, and Arbhorout doesn't scale beyond the previous base HP/Damage

      Developer Note (9/6): Since the launch of 1.3.3, the team has been closely monitoring the sentiment regarding the scaling of the Sae Jiko world boss. Specifically, we've noted the wedge that's been driven between some early game and end game players.

      Our goal for this boss has always been to bring the community together to tackle a challenging foe, and the current scaling implementation has clearly been shown to hamper that experience. As a first step to better align our vision for the fight with the actual event, we're removing scaling based on player count and have opted to increase Sae's base health to compensate. To ensure parity across our two World Boss events, the same scaling system has been disabled for Arboruht. We appreciate the passionate feedback, and look forward to more as you playtest the new changes on prerelease

    • Increased cooldown on Sae Jiko's healing and jumping on pillars ability
    • Increased Sae Jiko's Lingering AoE visuals to match damage area
    • Increased radius for player participation in Sae Jiko WB event
    • Increased Sae Jiko's event preamble to 11:50 (from 8:30) and decreased cooldown to 10s after event ends (from 2 mins)
    • New event timer for Sae Jiko world boss displayed in the hub in the Skyland area
    • Improvements to memory allocations so players encounter less "Freeing Memory" instances
    • Performance improvements across all raid instances
    • Fixed the double quest title, added in progress text for pet/weapon quest "Claim Kojika Pet" and "Essotech Weapon"
    • Adjusted the Essotech Weapon turn in quest
    • Fixed EM & CN Kojika pet drop tables
    • Fixed Kojika pet claim quest HUD displaying wrong cost

    Developer Note (9/11): Hi all!

    As some of you have likely noticed, two issues regarding the new Kojika pet were discovered after 1.3.3 launch.

    The first was that Cyber Ninja and Essence Mage characters were experiencing the wrong drop rate, making the pet impossible for those classes to receive. This issue was fixed on 9/8, and all classes may now receive the pet.

    The second issue was that due to a typo, the Kojika pet claim quest displayed the incorrect number of Marks needed for completion. The quest text displayed a cost of 1000 Marks of Devotion, when the intended cost (and the number actually needed to complete the quest) is actually 2000 Marks. This typo has been fixed in 1.3.3 Update 1, with the cost display updating to show the 2000 Mark cost that was always present under the hood.

    This 2000 Mark cost was already intended to be significantly lower than the 3000-4000 Mark cost range that better aligns with the drop rate of the pet, which is why the team has decided to fix the typo and maintain the 2000 Mark cost rather than lowering the price.

    Unrelated to the pet is a third issue that players may have noticed, that being the Essotech Weapon claim quest cost being too great. This has also been remedied in 1.3.3 Update 1, with the cost of 1000 Marks of Devotion being reduced to the intended 185 Marks of Devotion cost.

    We thank you for your continued interest in the Sae Jiko boss fight and related content, and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to our players.

    As recompense for 2 out of 3 classes not properly receiving drops for the pet, and the quest HUD text displaying the incorrect cost for the pet, the team has decided to run a special event this weekend.

    For this weekend only (Sept. 15th-18th), the drop rate for the Kojika pet will be increased by 1.5x its current drop rate!

    Hotfix 2

    • Fixed an infinite number of mini map markers building up over time, causing severe performance drops