Patch 1.2 Notes: Legends Untold

Patch 1.2 Notes: Legends Untold

Patch Type: Major
Patch Name: Legends Untold
Patch Number: 1.2
Release Date: 11/17/2022

Patch 1.2: Legends Untold is our biggest patch yet! We're introducing hours of early and end game content, interactive systems, storylines, quality of life improvements, bug fixes and addressing a big batch of Player Top Issues.

Patch 1.2 comes with brand new systems & content for all levels:
  • Create a new character to experience a completely revamped intro storyline with a memorable cast of new characters and new early game dungeon. Highly recommend veteran players roll a new character and try this out too!
  • Try out the new Creature Catching system. Master catching a creature and unlock them as a Pet to join you on your journey!
  • Put your end game skills to the test and face off against the challenging boss raid, the Tome Keeper.
  • & much more! Read on for details
Huge shoutout to the 1.2 alpha and beta testers. Thanks to you we knocked out a massive list of bugs and feedback before this patch goes live!

New Features/Systems

  • Creature Catching
    • Catch and collect new creatures out in the wild. A whole new immersive way to enjoy the beautiful world of Zenith! See it in action: and watch the full tutorial:
    • Look for Blake in the Fractured Plains to get started on your catching journey
    • Master catching a creature to unlock them as a Pet
    • Check out your collection in-game through the Menu > Life skills > Creature Catching

  • Summoning Pets
    • Summon a creature as a friendly companion to join you on your quests. Pets follow you around and grant buffs. See the adorable pets:
    • Check out your pet collection in-game through the Menu > Life skills > Summoning
    • Any catchable in-game creature can be turned into a pet once you master catching them, including the super duper rare ones.
    • A few pets that can be obtained out-of-game:
      • Get an exclusive Essence Pup pet through our new Referral System!
      • Play through the Skywave Transmissions to get an SNC-Bot pet.
      • Pre-order Zenith on PS VR2 to get a Mecha Dingbo pet.
      • Note: The original Dingbo was a pre-order reward starting in 2019 as part of the Collector's Edition. We are planning to add more creatures and pets available for all over time!

    • Agent Rank
      • New challenge system that helps you level up faster and earn rewards like Zen, gear, reroll materials, crafting materials, and more! See how it works here:

    • Full Body Tracking support on SteamVR [Player Top Issue]
      • This is the first of many steps we’re taking towards making Zenith more immersive than ever before. We’re improving network sync and inverse kinematics over time. As of now you can kick chests to open them, pots, and ragdolled enemies. Look at these legs!

    • Board Games: Chess and Four in a Row

    • Handheld Streamer Camera (desktop only)

    • Character Titles
      • As promised, Amara's Aide and Telos Technician titles will be granted to folks who helped with PTR on Minor 1.1.8 and Minor 1.1.9. You can equip them from the inventory screen. There will be more opportunities in the future to get character titles!

    New Content

    Watch the fly-through of new areas like the Zenith Academy, Outlaw Grove, and Twilight Athenaeum:

    • Story Rewrites & New Zenith Academy (Level 1) - Join the new generation of heroes at the Zenith Academy. Experience an epic new introductory storyline, learning to control your essence and become the hero of Zenith you were meant to be. *We are slowly testing the experience and will be enabling it for everyone slowly over the next week
      • A new safe zone in which to learn the basic of Zenith
      • Brand New Cutscenes and voiced Characters
      • Fractured Plains and Galian Valley Story Rewrite
      • New Tutorial Flows and Revised Quests for Level 1-10
    • Outlaw Grove (New Instanced Dungeon; Level 10)
      • Your first major mission after the Academy against the Exiled on hidden floating lands.
      • Players with the new storyline will unlock it through normal gameplay, players with the old storyline can unlock it via a side quest in Galian Valley
    • Twilight Athenaeum (New Boss Raid; Level 40)
      • In a shadowy chamber filled with long forgotten knowledge lies the Tome Keeper, an unyielding protector of ancient knowledge, trapped and twisted by dark knowledge.
      • Check out the behind the scenes devblog of the Tome Keeper:
    • New elevated areas to explore in the Galian Valley as part of the new progression
    • Armor Sets & Weapons:
      • Blade Master:
        • Battlemaster - Armor Set
        • Eternal Rest - Weapon
        • Empowered Falling Star - Upgraded Weapon
      • Essence Mage:
        • Tome Keeper - Armor Set
        • Lich's Bane - Weapon
        • Empowered Nova Trigger - Upgraded Weapon
    • New Cosmetic set:
      • Creature Catcher's Set

    Feature/System Updates

    • Ability to reroll enhancements gained from the enhancement stations [Player Top Issue]. New reroll currency can be earned through Agent Rank and public events.
    • Character deletion can now be done in Skywave [Player Top Issue]. Important: character deletions are permanent and cannot be undone.
      • You can also swap names between two characters. If you'd like to rename a character, create a new character (with the desired name) then swap the two names. We're planning to improve this over time
    • Allow joining instance Raids with parties smaller than 8 people [Player Top Issue]
    • Updated and tuned the Defiled Gardens to be completable with 4 players
    • Updated and tuned Pillar of the Architect to be completable with 4 players
    • Updated and tuned Infernal Core to be completable with 4 players
    • Updated and tuned Forsaken Reliquary Instance Dungeon to allow for 2 players
    • Updated and tuned Seething Depths Instance Dungeon to allow for 2 player
    • Updated and tuned Vault of The Ancients Instance Dungeon to allow for 2 players
    • Added mob kill objectives to dungeons and Raids
    • Added cross-shard guild voice chat
    • Guild menu improvements like adding a scrollbar and showing which shard members are on [Player Top Issue]
    • Mini map is now accessible by tapping on your left wrist
    • Switched daily and weekly quests [Player Top Issue, multiple sources]
    • Allowed dailies to be completed more than once [Player Top Issue, multiple sources]
    • Daily roulettes can now be completed 3 times a day
    • Better ways to make Zen [Player Top Issue]
      • Sell your captured creatures to a store, and you'll be rolling in the dough in no time!
      • Complete Agent Rank challenges
      • Dungeons and Raids have increased Zen rewards
    • Marks now have a weekly limit instead of a daily limit so you can play your way
    • VFX Updates. We are planning to update more VFX over time, below is what's in so far:
      • Essence Mage:
        • Chilling Loop, Boulderdrop, Galeforce, Glacial Orb
        • DPS: Searing Shot, Planar Traveler, Lightning Strike, Blazing Barrier, Pillar of Earth, Magma Orb
        • Support: Aether Spark, Erupting Spring, Massive Icicle, Aether Tunnel, Divine Shift, Hydrosplat
        • Tank: Spirit Burn Chains, Culling Beam, Inevitable Demise, Crimson Death, Binding Rift, Reaping Orb, Antimatter Shell
      • Blade Master:
        • Fast Footwork
        • Support: Divine Blade, Protector's Vow
    • Graphics fidelity updates for PS VR2 and PC VR such as:
      • Updated Grass Systems
      • Updated Clouds to be more realistic
      • Added technology to further improve texture and model quality in the future
    • We added some tunable caps for stackable AP buffs -- we understand that this is a core part of the strategy so we tried to keep it pretty high, to reward high skillcap players, but not so high that everything in the game becomes trivial. We are testing this, and would love to get feedback from our player base about what feels like the right amount to stack.
    • Made legendary weapon modifiers for tank weapons more relevant to role (will only roll on newly created legendary weapons)
    • Legendary weapons can be synthesized to a new tier, while retaining the modifiers, enhancement levels, and infusion levels it had before
    • Heavily reworked and refreshed sword throwing physics to be closer to real world physics, allowing things like putting spin on your throw, etc. [Player Top Issue]
    • You can now start gliding while standing in an updraft without needing to jump
    • Sensitive Gliding is now the default gliding mode when a character is created
    • Quest beacons/locations no longer show or trigger for untracked quests
    • Updated wording on the tooltip for the EM Tank ultimate slot to clarify that it is activated by doing the reverse motion to EM DPS ultimate
    • Swapping godstones now resets the cooldown
    • Stores now have scrolling windows so you can more easily sell your goods and gear
    • Aether Spark was listed as "40% AP" damage, however a bug caused it to do 0% damage. In this patch we have fixed the bug and adjusted it to do 3% AP damage, so while the UI says the damage has been reduced (40% to 3%), the actual damage value has increased (0% to 3%).
    • Added ability to open chests by touching them with your hand
    • Added icon to HUD to show other players which role you are (DPS, Tank, Support)
    • Update the "instances" icon in the main menu and HUD
    • (Edit 11/18) Items can be dragged across inventory pages now

    Resolved Issues

    • Performance, memory, server and stability improvements
    • Voice chat bugs [Player Top Issue]
      • Fixed voice chat sometimes becoming permanently muted
      • Fixed voice chat disconnecting when user logs in after being logged out for inactivity
      • Improvements to voice chat getting disconnected and improved info in the status panel.
    • Fixed many Godstone abilities so they work as described [Player Top Issue, multiple sources]
    • Fixed Drift not popping up occasionally
    • Fixed an issue that could cause instance interactions to not work correctly
    • Fixed EM orb accidental conjure when interacting with NPCs and Info Panels
    • Fixed Celestial Stairs and Throne waypoints position being offset
    • Fixed SteamVR bindings for WMR controllers
    • Fixed the Rosemary Sour Carrot Noodles recipe missing text
    • Fixed issue where map became inverted when zooming in too far

    Known Issues

    • Some items given via quest may not stack with the same item acquired through other means due to an incorrectly assigned level of -1 "L-1"
    • Tier 2 (Empowered Nova Trigger & Empowered Falling Star) Artifact weapons currently look the same as their Tier 1 counterparts.
    • Tier 2 Empowered Nova Trigger has same Primary Stat as Tier 1. This will be fixed in the next update.
    • Icons are not consistent in size and behavior when moving items around in your inventory
    • A couple of pieces of VO/dialogue may be cut short by a word or two
    • If you are not in a guild, the guild menu may show a placeholder member list in addition to the create guild button.
    • The Sprinter modifier will be rerollable on new gear, but older gear (from before the patch) it is temporarily unable to be rerolled. This will be fixed in the next update.
    • After unlocking the Fast Travel point for Fractured Plains, you may need to relog in order for the Fast Travel point to show up on your World Map.
    • The Gemcrusher Pet is not currently pettable. This will be fixed in the next update.
    • Sometimes the Treasure Hunter and Exploration pet perks don't work
    • Voice Overs for NPCs may occasionally stop playing
    • Referral rewards not appearing in-game for some users. Progress data is saved, we're actively working on a fix. (Edit 11/18) This has been fixed

    Hotfix 1

    • Fixed "Details" not opening for an unlocked pet
    • Fixed the fast travel point not unlocking for Fractured Plains
    • Fixed users to getting locked out from progressing when abandoning the Day 2 quest
    • Fixed pet XP to sample XP curves correctly
    • Fixed water textures from overlapping and making Agent Rank menus hard to use
    • Fixed negative XP showing on Agent Rank
    • Updated video for Mika video communications
    • Made putting an item up to your stomach to put in your inventory be more reliable and easy to use
    • Fixed a bug where Sprinters couldn't be rerolled
    • Made Essence Mage blaster projectile trajectory more consistent
    • Reduced the chances of Voice Overs and video communications not playing the new early game experience
    • Made Pet Perks apply effects more reliably
    • Fixed the Exploration Perk from not speeding up stamina regen
    • Fixed menu from getting stuck on the complete screen during the new early game experience
    • Fixed wooden posts not appearing in Turtletop and Ramshackle
    • Fixed name plates not showing sometimes for other players
    • Updated the game credits
    • Added music to a Rasken cutscene
    • Fixed a Rasken cutscene despawning too early
    • Fixed roulettes to show x/4 players as the required amount instead of x/8

    Hotfix 2

    • Improved server stability and reduced crashes
    • Fixed quests occasionally not triggering the next objective
    • Fixed items from different sources not stacking
    • Fixed fireseeds not activating bushes during Sapping the Forest - Neowear Rush event
    • Fixed crafting materials occasionally disappearing from inventory during synthesis
    • Increased stack size for Neowear synthesis materials from 20 to 50
    • Fixed inability to synthesize T2 weapons if they were equipped